Great Tech Tool – “a-squared HijackFree”!

Just when I think I have found every tech security tool out there, I am introduced to another one.  In this case, during a visit to the site “Tech Thoughts”, I was introduced to a system analysis utility, called “a-squared HiJackFree” that is geared toward assisting advanced users in the detection and removal of all types of HiJackers, Spyware, Adware, Trojans and Worms (see clip below).  I downloaded the program and performed an analysis of my system as a test drive.  I found the program very easy to navigate and understand. The analysis showed the autorun entries (which can be disabled for troubleshooting); services installed and running processes; local ports that are open; and even Explorer and browser plugins. The a-squared HiJackFree also has an “Online Analysis” function built-in that will help you identify which autoruns, processes, addons or open ports are harmful.




I tip my “Tech Hat” to Bill Mullins for introducing me and my readers to this great utility.

Visit Bill’s site (Tech Thoughts), at “”




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Maximize Layered Malware Defenses – A-squared HijackFree

There are plenty of good anti-malware products, but experienced computer user’s realize that to ensure maximum safety, it’s important to have layered defenses in the ongoing fight against malware.


If you are an experienced/advanced computer user (sometimes known as a geek), and you’re looking for a program to strengthen your anti-malware resources, then A-squared HiJackFree is one that’s worth taking a look at. This free application, from EMSI Software, offers a potent layer of additional protection to add to your major anti-malware programs.

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