– The Swiss Army Knife of PC Tools!

If you are a software (utility) fanatic, as I am, then you will appreciate “Capture.Net – The Swiss Army Knife of PC Tools!” This utility is what I call a “software gadget” and is geared toward users who like having a multitude of useable tools, all in one package. You have to be a “software geek” to appreciate this utility. It is unique in the aspect that it is small in file size (688KB) and is a standalone application (download and run). It does however require the .Net Framework. There is a “FREE” version (which I used for this review) and a “PAID” version available.  Upon running Capture.Net, I felt like I was on an Easter egg hunt.  The more I looked, the more I found.  I still do not think I found everything packaged into this utility; but, reflected is a list of built in apps that I did find:

Capture Screen // Image Editor // Screen Calendar // Post-It Notes // Screen Clock // Alarm Clock // Synchronize Time // World Clock // Timer// Quick Launch (Run) //Screen Ruler // Capture Color // Degree measure // Privacy Eraser (Custom) // System Info // System Tweak / IE Tweak // Font Viewer // Windows Spy // Converter: CHM->HTM // Convert Image // Text Format // Backup Expert





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