Extensive List of “FREE” Privacy, Security and Recovery Software…

I periodically visit the Wilder’s Security Forum to see what other people are saying about the various security software products that are available.  Forums are managed discussion sites where interest groups of people are formed to openly discuss a specific topic.  When I preview software, I always look to see if there is a forum on the site.  Forums are excellent information resources and can give you a good overview on the credibility of a matter or subject.

Wilder's Security Forum

Recently while visiting the Wilder’s Security Forum, I was reviewing a topic titled “Probably the best Security List in the World : )”…  The title caught my attention and as a result I came away with, what I feel, are (2)-two credible lists of “FREE” Security Software that I would like to share.

The first list is maintained at another forum located at a Finnish Antivirus Portal (called Virustorjunta.net).  The category titles are in Finnish; however, the sub-titles of the software are in English.  You can preview this list by clicking on the logo below.


The second list is located at another forum called Respawned.  This forum appears to be maintained in the United Kingdom and it appears that the forum topic “Freeware Privacy, Security and Recovery Software”  has been updated on regular basis since April ‘04.  You can preview this list by clinking on the logo below.


Both of these lists provide an excellent overview of the various “FREE” products that are available AND provide a great opportunity to explore and research security software in a “side-by-side” manner.  The people who contributed to compiling this information has done a great service to those who are unfamiliar with security software products.  The forums which they have made these postings is an excellent way to get feedback, criticism and praise.  

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2 thoughts on “Extensive List of “FREE” Privacy, Security and Recovery Software…

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  1. I hope your readers will take advantage of the links you have provided here.

    I was denied access to the first list, as apparently someone in my address range had been blocked, but I was able to see the second list.

    This second list was put together by someone really, really smart (how do I know? Because I agree with it almost 100% completely![and my disagreements are nit-picky]) and I found it remarkably complete. Not only can the best preventatives be found (an ounce of prevention!) but the best (free) tools for cure as well.

    As a Help & Support tech, I see (and repair) the damage done by malware everyday, and it is no joke. I have talked with folks who were forced to buy new machines due to rootkit and firmware infections. I have talked with people who have spent years rebuilding their credit after their “identity” was stolen.
    In almost every instance, they had failed to taken basic preventative steps. Rick has found for us a “one-stop shopping center”.. and done us all a real service.
    Now, take advantage of it.. so you don’t have to call me!


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