Alternative “file search tools” for your computer…

SearchNo doubt in my mind that using “indexed searching” , on our computers, is the fastest method to rapidly search for files; however, with indexed searching, you can miss finding a file if it has not “yet” been indexed.  I just do not trust the indexing systems that are currently on our operating systems to find files.


I currently rely on (2)-two file search tools on my computer…

The first search tool I use is called “Everything” ; that in my opinion, is the fastest and easiest scanning “indexed” search tool available for a computer that is out there.  I have written about “Everything” in a previous article – “Find Your Files (superfast)”.  The thing to keep in mind with using “Everything” , it will only locate files and folders on local NTFS volumes (which is pretty common on most PC’s today).  Another feature that has attracted me to this search utility is that the site author (VoidTools) currently has a portable version available, that is in beta.  This means I can take this search tool with me on my flash drive.   For an indexing search tool, this one is fast, very fast…

Get “Everything” Here

GET IT HERE - Everything  

The second search tool I use, is called “Snowbird”. Snowbird is a “non-idexing” search tool (and file management utility) that is focused on performance.  I have used this search utility for several years and found it to be very fast and reliable.  It is very small in file size and can be carried with you on a flash drive.  I recently discovered that there is a new “beta” version of “Snowbird” available; which I have been testing.  “Snowbird” development appeared to had grown silent, with the last version being released June 2007; however, the author appears to be back at it. 

Features of Snowbird

  • Fully multi-threaded architecture ensures that the interface always remains responsive, even when accessing network resources or copying large amounts of data
  • Can handle extremely large folders without noticeable degradation in performance
  • Fast file operations (copy, move, delete) with the ability to pause transfers and to skip errors
  • Integrated search tool that can find files (and even text within files) without indexing

Get “Snowbird” Here

GET IT HERE - Snowbird




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