Reverse Technology – Vinyl LP Records Making A Comeback…

Talk about reverse technology… I would never have imagined LPs (long playing vinyl records) as still being popular. In 2008, vinyl LPs doubled in sales. I came across this article at “ComputerWorld” and thought I would share this with all of the baby boomers out there. You can read more about this at the “ComputerWorld” link below. 


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Back to the future: Vinyl record sales double in ’08, CDs down

What’s old is new again when it comes to audio storage

By Lucas Mearian

January 2, 2009 (Computerworld) Audiophiles have long argued that vinyl records offer better sound quality than CDs or MP3s, but their stoic loyalty in the face of change was seen as little more than a nostalgic bias during the 25 years in which digital recordings came to dominate the music industry. In recent years, however, sales of LPs — that’s short for long-playing records, kids — have more than doubled online and are regaining overall market share, thanks to new converts looking for more than they can find in an MP3 selling for 99 cents online.

In 2008, 1.88 million vinyl albums were purchased, more than in any other year since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking LP sales in 1991. The previous record was in 2000, when 1.5 million LP albums were sold. More than two out of every three vinyl albums bought in 2008 were purchased at an independent music store, according to SoundScan.

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5 thoughts on “Reverse Technology – Vinyl LP Records Making A Comeback…

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  1. I knew it would happen, like when CD’s appeared, only because vinyl record sales were flat, not because the market actually needed cds or cared about the audio quality, (with apologies to audiophiles). And as an escape, from digital downloading, they’ll probable dump all the cds for 99 cents, like they did to albums when they were cleared out of the dying record stores.


  2. This.. I don’t understand.
    I’ll admit it.. I’m confused. It doesn’t make sense to me at all.

    My box of old records is big (quite a bit bigger than my Sansa MP3 player, actually). It’s heavy. And not very portable. Records warp; get scratches; and usually have “hiss”. They don’t travel well (try playing records in your car, as you cruise the highways and byways).. and when you’re ready for a different artist/band, you have to manually change your disc.. forget an easy “party mix”. Record players don’t have a remote control, and take up a shelf in your entertainment center..
    Can you download LPs?

    If LPs are so great.. why did Memorex become a successful company? (cassette tapes)

    The three most important “life enhancements” of the Digital Age are:
    * E-mail/Instant Messaging
    * Digital photography
    * Digital music
    * Video games (Okay. That’s four. You caught me.)

    I realize that a certain percentage of humans are morons.. and that the population is growing at an almost exponential rate… but, LP’s?! Sheeze. Name one advantage.


  3. I used to get funny looks when I’d rifle through record store’s LPs or when people would come over and see them on my shelf next to my sweet ass turntable. Not anymore. 🙂


    1. The Old Guy,

      You can’t beat an LP… I actually have an old RCA crank type that I hooked some years back. I keep it around to remind me of the technology of yesteryear.

      Thanks for the comment. Please visit again.



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