Yelling at your computer could be bad…

You can draw your own conclusions with this video; but, the guy in the video is in a data center and he demonstrates how vibrations, generated from yelling can affect hard disk drives…  He mentions “not to try this at home”; at which point I started laughing, because everyone I know yells at their computer.  In the video he is yelling into a JBOD disk array (JBOD – Just a Bunch of Disks).  It also is a good demonstration of how crazy IT guys are : )





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11 thoughts on “Yelling at your computer could be bad…

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  1. I have long been an a believer in the purely whimsical idea that our computers have personalities, and that we should speak reassuringly and softly to them ( I’m a PC “whisperer” 😉 )… but here we have empirical evidence that they do, indeed, react badly to yelling.

    Rick.. how do you find these things???? Love it. Keep it up!


  2. Hmmm.. we might be on to something there. I know it’s silly to think an inanimate object can have a distinct personality (and moods), but every time I mention it to someone, they always answers, “yours too?”


  3. Good one Rick. I’ll have to unhook my computer from the PA system now. You can’t win. Big sound to drown out people and hard drive shock from the drowning. LOL


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