What’s On My PC… Launch Pad Update!

launchpadOne of my favorite past times when it comes to blogging, is finding other sites and blogs that are similar in interest to the “What’s On My PC…” blog.  My goal has been to compile a listing of tech sites that I feel are credible, informative, helpful, and provide “FREE” software and learning options to my readers. The list continues to grow…  Sites that I feel meet the criteria indicated are posted on the sidebar (right side) and are placed in an area called the “Launch Pad”. The “Launch Pad” has been set up in such a way that when you click on a link, the site will open in another window. This allows the user to toggle back and forth between the “Launch Pad” and the site(s) of interest.

You will notice on the Launch Pad (right side of blog), where some site names are larger (font size) than others. These are sites that I have link exchanges with. If you are interested in a link exchange with “What’s On My PC…”, and your site meets the criteria previously indicated, please leave a comment below requesting the link exchange. You will be prompted for your email and site address which will not be visible to other users or spambots.

The new additions to the “Launch Pad” are:

Addictive Tips

Brothersoft Editor’s Blog

Tweaking With Vishal

Ask Leo!

Troubleshooting PC Problems

Lupo PenSuite

My Digital Life

TTC Shelbyville


Is You Geeked Up


Madhur Kapoor’s

Ask The Forty Pound Head


Ask Your PC

Evils Pages

What’s The Latest?

Daily Free Software

PC And Technology

Great Free Software Utilities





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9 thoughts on “What’s On My PC… Launch Pad Update!

Add yours

    1. xenoalien,

      “Ask Your PC” is an excellent resource for computer information; as well as the others listed.

      Thanks for visiting…



    1. AnishLJ,


      Thank you for adding my blog to your “blog roll”… If you revisit my site you will notice that “Great Free Software Utilities” is now emboldened (larger font) to standout in the “Launch Pad”…

      Keep up the really great work and information on your site. I am a regular visitor and I am a major lover of utility software.

      Again, Thank you…



    1. Eric,

      Thank you for the compliment… I visit your site on a regular basis and I’m very impressed with the content. Keep it going…



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