(DTV) Digital Television Transition – Will my TV reception be affected?

On February 17,2009, full power television stations will be transitioning from analog broadcasts to digital broadcasts. Once this is in place, and we have prepared ourselves, the benefits of digital outweighs the headaches of the transition process. We will receive higher resolution pictures, dramatically better picture and sound quality, and the ability to receive “multi-casting” (more channels by using subchannels).  More information can be acquired from:



To help you sort this out, I encourage you to visit the web site below (Tech-for Everyone) to get a better understanding (in easy terms) of what you may or may not need to do.  There has been a great deal of misinformation about this process and the article “40 Days To Armageddon”  helps to bring it all together and to ensure you are getting accurate information.

Tech-for Everyone


clipped from techpaul.wordpress.com

40 Days To Armageddon


(Or, Are You Ready For The Digital Switch?)

What do I need to do to be ready for the end of analog TV broadcasting?

Will I need a special antenna to receive DTV over-the-air?

What is the Converter Box Coupon Program?


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