Google Chrome is quickly moving forward…

Here is a clip from DownloadSquad, reporting that a Development Channel Build of Version 2.0 of Chrome is being worked on.  If you are a tester of software, visit DownloadSquad (click logo below) to read more about this build and how you can download the builds via the Chrome Channel Changer.  If you do not desire to install the build, the article points out that a “portable version” of the build is available.  I have been using and following Chrome very closely and it is of my opinion that this browser is being developed in such a manner to take advantage of the future in “cloud computing”


clipped from

Google begins work on Chrome 2.0

by Lee Mathews Jan 9th 2009

Google Chrome may have shed it’s original beta tag last month, but they’re far too fond of the beta label to keep it on ice for long.

Yes, work has begun on Chrome 2.0. Numerous changes have already been made, including the addition of basic form autocompletion like Firefox and IE, full page zooming, and autoscrolling. Browser profiles have been added and can be accessed through the wrench menu.

edit: as mentioned in the first comment, you can also test it by downloading the portable version from this site. It’s German, so search for download portable on the page. Thanks, caschy!

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2 thoughts on “Google Chrome is quickly moving forward…

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  1. I will fully move over to chrome when it has addons available. I know a lot of people that continue to use Firefox because of the addons. Introduce addons into Google Chrome and it will be a hit! I use Chrome because it is easy to use and because it runs very well from what I have seen.


    1. Ask Your PC,

      Same here… I like the simplicity of Chrome and the application shortcuts. The shortcut function has come in handy for me. I do think “addons” will be implemented. Google came out the chute running with this and has put it in the competition. We’ll just keep monitoring it…

      Thanks for dropping by and keep up the good work at your site…



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