Is “Windows 7” Vista SP2?

Everyone is downloading and trying the beta of Windows 7. It is really neat to watch the development of something that has an impact on the world. I’ve been using Vista since its’ inception and I keep hearing, “Windows 7 is Vista SP2” (a polished version of Vista).  Who would really know (except Vista users); since the majority is still XP?

To follow the development of this exciting new operating system, I encourage you to visit the sites below.  Each of these links give you a different perspective on Windows 7.  Tech-for Everyone, gives you the view through the eyes of a Computer Tech.  Windows 7 Team Blog gives you the view through the eyes of Microsoft, the developer.  Windows 7 News provides a news timeline of what is going on and gives you the view through the eyes (comments) of the users of Windows 7.

These links are also available on the blog’s sidebar and will be updated accordingly.

Windows 7 Review

A Tech’s First Impression of Windows 7


Windows 7 Team Blog


Windows 7 News



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10 thoughts on “Is “Windows 7” Vista SP2?

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    1. Brad,

      Let me know what your thoughts are on Windows 7 after you get it installed…

      Thanks for commenting and dropping by…



  1. I am one of those avid Vista haters, so I was very skeptical of Windows 7, but one of the first things I did after installing it is send a report to Microsoft using the shortcut on the desktop to compliment them on doing such a great job.

    Windows 7 could be Microsoft’s best OS to date.

    I’d have to say Windows 7 is running faster than any clean install of XP I’ve put on my laptop.


    1. Reggie,

      Thanks for visiting and providing your assessment of Windows 7. I’m pretty excited about this operating system. This is only in beta, which means it will get better.



  2. Rick–
    Thank you for pointing your readers to my article, which is in fact part one of a series. As a Tech Support provider, I see both sides of the computing puzzle — how machines are built, how programmers develop software, .. how things work (or, are supposed to work) and how people actually use machines (or, try to use them).
    I do a lot of teaching in my job; and, hopefully, in my writing as well.

    If I may give away a bit of a “geek secret” to your readers — yes. Win 7 is what Vista was supposed to be… and would have been had Microsoft not had to re-tool and step back to react to a series of serious hacker exploits.
    Learning curve of Vista-to-7? Zero.


    1. TechPaul,

      You are always welcome… Myself and the readers of this blog value your opinion on hardware and software concerns. Thanks for the “geek secret”…



  3. Hmmm… It installed quite fast, even in a virtual machine, but I didn’t really get a feel for what it’s really like because of my ancient computer running two OSs at the same time 😀 I like the new ribbon, and the new taskbar scares me a little bit 😀


    1. Brad,

      Thanks for the comment to keep us up to date on your install… I’m hearing quite a few people make comments about the taskbar and hopefully Microsoft will listen…

      Again, Thank You…



  4. Dude… there already is a Windows Vista SP2. It’s a traditional service pack made up of security patches, updates, etc. Windows 7, is the sum of many subtle and obvious changes that make for a vastly improved and major release.


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