Using your digital camera as a mobile scanner…

Here is something that is pretty cool…  You can use your digital camera as a scanner with software called “Snapter Ice”… By taking a photo of a document and using the Snapter Ice software you can adjust and convert the output to various formats.  I tested the software by taking a digital photo of a document, which contained a picture and various fonts.  Using the Snapter Ice software I was able to make adjustments (i.e. skew adjustments) to the imperfections and ended up with a decently scanned PDF document.  There is a 14 day trial with the software; however, after the 14 days, the software remains fully functional, with the exception that a light watermark image is stamped on the work you produce with the software.  I usually focus on free and open source software; however, due to the nature of this software still being useable after its’ trial, I opted to post it…  May help someone in a pinch…

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Use your digital camera as a mobile scanner to scan documents, business cards, whiteboards, and books.

Snapter makes camera photos look like scanned documents!

One-click instant PDF.

Snapter rotates, crops, stretches, sharpens, improves color, and creates a PDF for you. While you may be able to do some of these tasks manually using Photoshop, why waste life’s precious time?

Magic is in the algorithm.

There are things you can’t do even if you are a Photoshop pro! For example, you can’t produce sharp flat-looking page images from curved book pages. Snapter’s deceptively simple-looking interface hides advanced algorithms that can correct page curvature and perspective in a snap!

Easily create PDFs without expensive Adobe Acrobat software. Snapter supports JPG, TIFF and other popular formats . Use Snapter instead and save yourself $$$.

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