Uninstalling Programs on your computer to recover from the “shotgun effect”…

When you install software on your computer, a whole process of things can take place… I call it the “shotgun effect”. Many users have the impression that the install process only installs files and components of the program in one common place. In Windows, most installs, will in fact do that; however, the “shotgun effect” can also take place where other files will be written (scattered like BBs in a shotgun shell) to the Windows folder, the System folders, Users folders, desktop, etc… Furthermore, the Windows registry, will also be written to, as well. The point being here, is that there is a systematic, orderly and precise process that occurs during the installation of software AND there is more than one location on the computer where the program files will be written to.

The uninstall of software is another matter. I have seen users delete program shortcuts on their desktop, thinking they just removed the program. Removing the shortcut icon to the program on your desktop will not remove the program. Uninstalling is like reverse engineering and it is a whole other process in itself. The problem with the uninstall process is that it is not as systematic, orderly and precise as the install process. In Windows your options to uninstall, is either an “uninstaller” provided by the software maker (usually located on the Start Menu with the program) or by using the “Add/Remove” component (in Windows XP) or “Uninstall or Change a Program” component (in Vista, which is under “Programs and Features). Both of these components can be reached by using the Windows “Control Panel”.  These options are about 90 percent on target with the uninstall process; however, they leave traces of the program behind (such as the program folders, user folders, writes to the registry, stray files, autorun entries, etc.). Most users do not know where or how to look for the debris left behind. Installing and Uninstalling software can have a cumulative negative effect on the overall operation of your computer. This is one of the reasons I personally will look for and use portable software options, when available, to eliminate this shotgun effect.

To assist users with uninstalling software on their computer, a program that I have had good results with is a program, which is “FREE”, called Revo Uninstaller. Revo Uninstaller will drill deep to find the debris and even has a component (for experienced users) to preview and remove any obsolete registry entries. I currently use the portable version of Revo Uninstaller; which is on my flash drive and allows me to take it with me to help others.  You can preview and download Revo Uninstaller by clicking on any of the links below.

clipped from www.revouninstaller.com

Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller – innovative freeware uninstall utility

Uninstall software, remove programs and solve uninstalling problems

Portable version of Revo Uninstaller is also available!

Revo Uninstaller helps you to uninstall software and remove unwanted programs installed on your computer even if you have problems uninstalling and cannot uninstall them from “Windows Add or Remove Programs” control panel applet.

Revo Uninstaller is a much faster and more powerful alternative to “Windows Add or Remove Programs” applet!

Revo Uninstaller gives you another 8 handy and powerful tools to clean up your system.

Here is the list of the tools and utilities included in Revo Uninstaller:

Auto Start Manager – Stop programs that start automatically on Windows startup; speed up loading of Windows!

Windows Tools Manager – Handy and useful tools bundled with every version of Windows; easily find useful system tools and options!

Junk Files Cleaner – Find and remove unnecessary files from your computer; free up disk space and delete files you do not need!

Browsers History Cleaner – Erase web browser history, visited pages history and temporary internet files of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape and Opera web browsers; free up a lot of disk space by deleting temporary internet files like temporary saved videos, temporary flash files, temporary pictures etc!

Office History Cleaner – Remove the history of most recently used files in MS Office; remove your tracks by deleting the list of last opened MS Office documents!

Windows History Cleaner – Remove the history of recently opened files, delete temporary files, remove usage tracks and other history items that are saved by Windows; remove your tracks saved by Windows for a lot of operations!

Unrecoverable Delete Tool – Erase files and folders forever; be sure that nobody could recover your files and folders after deleting!

Evidence Remover – Make sure already deleted files, folders and other data are unrecoverable; securely erase your data!

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