Economy gets the best of “Circuit City”…

Circuit City

What’s going on at Circuit City?

Due to challenges incurred as a result of the the continued bleak economic environment, Circuit City is going out of business and the company’s assets will be liquidated to pay off creditors.

Liquidators will start arriving in our 567 stores across the U.S. over the weekend, and closing sales will start as early as Saturday, January 17.  Closing sales will run as long as it takes to sell existing inventory, but are expected to wrap up by the end of March.  When the liquidation sales are completed, the stores will be closed.

This is one store I’m going to miss…


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8 thoughts on “Economy gets the best of “Circuit City”…

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    1. Erik,

      This is a “real” sign of the state of our current economy. Many, many businesses (large and small) are facing closure. End result is the one’s left standing can end up monopolizing everything; out of greed… I do not worry too much due I have a much greater influence on my side that will help keep my perspective on all of this; and, you know what I mean : )



  1. Its another sign of how our economy has become. Capitalism as we know it has just about went bell up. Government needs to help small businesses and stop bailing out
    large corporations that due nothing but lay people off after they receive their (actually ours) bailout money>


  2. I can’t even remember when I’ve bought anything electronic that wasn’t purchased at Circuit City (computer, laptop, PDA, digital camera, etc) The staff were very helpful when I had questions. I pray they all find jobs to replace the ones they are loosing. I wonder what will open in that location, it’s a fairly large store. Where will be buy electronics now?..Walmart?, BestBuy?


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