Solid-State Disk (SSD) – The future in hard drives is here…

According to this clip from “ComputerWorld”, solid-state disks or drives (SSD) will be comparable in price to today’s spinning hard drives, within 3-three years. Once the prices reach that threshold expect manufacturers to adapt to this technology by making SSD technology the standard in new PC’s…

To educate my readers, solid-state disks are stationary electronics (no mechanical action) that is the future replacement to the hard drives we have in our PC’s today. In actuality, SSD is not disks as we know them today. SSD’s uses solid state electronics and memory to store data (very much like our portable flash drives). The hard disk drives in our PC today consists of rapidly rotating platters with magnetic surfaces to store encoded data.

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What your computer’s drive will look like in 5 years

Hard disk drives may soon be replaced
by solid-state disk (SSD) drives

January 16, 2009 (Computerworld) As solid-state disk (SSD) technology closes in on hard disk drive (HDD) capacity and price, experts say it may not be long before spinning disks are a thing of the past and a computer’s storage resides in flash memory on the motherboard.

A 1.8-in solid state card with SATA II interface

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3 thoughts on “Solid-State Disk (SSD) – The future in hard drives is here…

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  1. IBM has been working on a drive that will increase capacity many times what we are using now. It transfers data by heat. Here is a link to read. This technology has been in the working stages for several years.

    Just a side note. As we progress forward many who have been involved in computers will remember that we used to use similar technology way back in the mid 80’s.


    1. Pirate Frank,

      Thanks for the good read… I do remember the technology you are referring to back in the mid 80’s… I can also remember sailing the seven seas with you one time and a fellow we were talking to, who was very intellectual on this stuff, was making a prediction about memory being used (in large capacities) to store data…



  2. There is nothing stopping somebody from purchasing a SSD from Newegg (for example, no I don’t work there) and installing it into a Thinkpad. I am thinking about doing just that in a year or so when the prices come down a bit more. Has anybody tried this?


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