Inauguration Day – Take diapers, respirator mask and your iPod…

This topic is really “off topic” for the content of this blog; BUT, it is my nature to help warn and prepare people for the inevitable.  If you noticed I did at least throw “iPod” in the title to keep the topic (somewhat) connected to the subject matter of this blog.  You will also notice further in the article, that I did make an effort to throw in some technical language and comparisons.

The inauguration event for the swearing in of President-elect  Barack Obama is predicted to draw over 2 million people to the nation’s capital (Washington, D.C.).  Washington D.C. is approximately 61 square miles (158km).  In computer terms that is about 2 megabytes on a 0.1543 megabyte drive.  Some major file compression is being pulled off here to make this event work; not to mention the layers of security that will be in place.

My wife was telling me that she heard on the news that people are going to be wearing diapers to the event, due to long hectic waits in lines.  I started thinking about this and did some research to prepare people for this event.  Some of this you can take in humor, BUT some of it could potentially be real.

First you need to know this-

The Institute for Liberty, a conservative think tank, estimated recently that the millions of people coming to the inauguration will generate a half-billion pounds of carbon dioxide — 260 million pounds from the 600 private jets that will come to Washington, and another 260 million pounds from personal vehicles.

It says the pollution amounts to more than 575 million pounds of CO2, which would take the average U.S. household 57,598 years to produce.

CO2 in concentrations of 7% to 10% cause dizziness, headache, visual and hearing dysfunction, and unconsciousness within a few minutes to an hour – Wikipedia

Secondly, I found that U.S. News and World Report published an article “Your Inauguration Day Survival Guide” (clip reflected below) which provides 6-six things you should have in hand if you attend the inauguration.  I do recommend that you take your iPod in addition to the the items listed (along with your diapers).

clipped from

U.S.News & World Report

Your Inauguration Day Survival Guide

January 13, 2009 09:04 AM ET | Kimberly Palmer

For native Washingtonians and visitors alike, Inauguration Day is likely to be crowded, hectic, and short on key supplies. With as many as 2 million people expected to descend on the capital, there will probably be long lines at ATMs, runs on beer, and shortages of useful items such as adult diapers, which some viewers plan to wear given the limited bathroom facilities.




Food and water

Toilet paper

Adult diapers

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7 thoughts on “Inauguration Day – Take diapers, respirator mask and your iPod…

Add yours

  1. ATTN: Mystery Writer

    I don’t know how you managed to gain access to Rick’s blog and post your article, but I am a friend of Rick’s, and I can tell you, sir, that you are no Rick.

    Several things give you away as an impostor:
    1) mentioning “iPod” does not qualify as “tech writing”. Rick brings useful and informative information about the Internet; useful tools, software, and utilities; and, how to get more out of our technology.. sometimes he is “news-oriented”.. but it’s always tech news.
    2) Rick never tries to use humor. He is, in fact incapable of it — as all computer geeks are incapable… unless you dig “binary math” jokes.
    Also, he’s far too refined and dignified a gentleman to utter “adult diaper”.

    I believe you are an Obamamaniac just trying to get the future President’s name on as many websites as possible in some sort of weird “social networking keywords” mass hack thing… right?


    1. Craig,

      The diaper serves many purposes; prevents standing in line at the porta potties; catches all of the X@L#! that you mentioned; AND in the event of a terror incident and you X@L# yourself you are prepared (part of Homeland Security)…



  2. And don’t forget your official Obama tattoo! One tattoo parlor in DC is doing an “Obamathon” for the inauguration where you can get a free Obama ’08 tattoo if you get another tattoo costing more than $200.

    And you may be able to use their toilet too!


    1. Deborah,

      LOL… Thanks, the readers will appreciate that money saving tip… I wonder what the tattoo design is?

      Thanks for visiting and commenting…



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