PC Cleaning, Repair, Protection & Optimization – All in one package…

Managing various cleaning, repair, protection and optimization utilities on our PCs can be quite a task. Some people fail to perform these tasks at all; or they only perform one task and not the other. To help solve these problems, I recommend a program called Advanced SystemCare Free by IObit.This program is designed in such a way that it serves as a multi-tasking “one click approach” to protecting, repairing, cleaning and optimizing your PC.  You may also know this program’s predecessor as being called Advanced WindowsCare.  I periodically run this program on my PC to keep it in shape. I always  find a noticeable positive difference in the performance after running the program.  You can get Advanced SystemCare Free by clicking on any of the links in this article.  IObit also provides a Pro “paid” version of Advanced SystemCare that  unlocks enhanced features in the free version.  You can view testimonials (reviews), from users, at CNet [ click here ].


Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare Free



Enjoy That New PC Feeling Again New!

Powerful Hard Drive Defragmentation New!

Next-generation Registry Clean and Optimization New!

Defends PC Security with Extra Protection Improved!

Quick and Extensive Clean-up for Hard Drives Improved!

Speeds Up PC Performance and Internet Access Improved!

Fixes Multiple System Errors Improved!

Extremely Easy to Use

Safe and Free


Comparison Sheet (click the picture to enlarge)


NOTE:  A similar or comparable maintenance utility that is also “FREE” is Glary Utilities.  An added bonus with Glary Utilities is the portable version  that is available.  You can read more about Glary Utilites, here on the blog by [ clicking here ]


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