Windows XP, Vista, and 7 – The Psychology of it ALL…

You have to read this article by TechPaul at “Tech-for Everyone”. He looks, not inside the PC this time, but looks inside the person when it comes to “CHANGE”; how we become intimate with our choices of operating systems and why….

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Not every Windows user is going to like Windows 7

I have been using Windows 7 as my main desktop OS for a while now, and have written several installments of  “A Tech’s Impressions” series, (see, A Tech’s First Impression of Windows — Part 1 of a series) with more on the way. This article is not one of them – it’s more a (my) look at psychology than technology.

Rick & Paul



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4 thoughts on “Windows XP, Vista, and 7 – The Psychology of it ALL…

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  1. Um.. you got the nametags switched. I look much more like the “Mac guy” (but dress a better) and I won’t wear a tie except at a wedding or a funeral..

    Thanks, Rick. Your readers are always welcome.


  2. TechPaul,

    I knew you pick up on that… Great article that you composed on this topic. I actually read it a couple of times.



  3. TechPaul,

    Ok, I’m wearing the tie now; which I hate ties AND really I’m not on the XP kick… Again, thank you for the fun and such a great article.



  4. Okay! Better!

    … but “I” need some rebuttal text .. like, “you should see CoD5 on my 3Ghz quad with 6 Gigs and Win7..”

    Thank you for the nice words inre my latest article, there’s some good links sprinkled throughout it too (Edd Bott is one ‘must read’).

    From the number of comments I leave, your readers have probably gathered that I stop by your site every day. I do. You are doing simply a fantastic job here.. er, “work of love”, I meant. Keep it up!


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