SendThisFile – A “FREE” method to send a large file…, a Wichita-based company that specializes in the secure transfer of large files, recently surpassed one million registered users.  I was recently pointed to this service by a computer tech friend who had sent a file to me that was too large for email. If you are in a pinch and need an easy way to send (or receive) a large file, this service looks like a good match. You can setup a “FREE” account or go for one of the paid accounts that provide more features.  Limitations of the “FREE” account is reflected in the clip below. The service is as easy as 1-2-3…

1 – Enter the recipient’s email address (and small message)

2- Select a file, and

3 – Click the SendThisFile button!

The recipient will receive the email with a link to a download location at Instructions are clearly given to the recipient on the process; which is very easy.

One thing I did during the testing was use an encryption program to encrypt the file I was sending, as an added measure of security and control on my part. I do not like sending anything into the cloud that could breach my privacy. I simply provided the recipient a password clue that he would only know.

Click on the logo or link below to preview this service further.

clipped from

This is a FREE account. You can use this account to send files to anyone, however there are limitations.


The upload speed will be SLOWER than a paid account.

The file will expire in 3 days.

The file can only be downloaded 3 times.

Can only send one file at a time.

Ads will display when the recipient downloads the file.


Fast download speed for the recipient.

Download information available in “My Files” area.

You can create a FileBox to receive files.


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