“What’s On My PC…” – The Top Ten!

I started my blogging adventure in July of 2008. I did not have any experience with blogging and really had no idea of what I was about to get into. I say that in a positive sense. Right off the bat, 2-two professional bloggers make contact with me.  

 Tech for-Everyone   and   Tech Thoughts
Virtual Handshake

I have always avoided socializing on the net with people I do not know; however, my gut instinct told me, “These guys may be a little crazy, but they are really honest, sincere, and smart people”.  How right my gut instinct was! After making that initial “virtual handshake” they have been my mentors ever since.

I have found blogging to be quite addictive, exercising to the mind, rewarding and unusually interesting. To date, I have 175 posts (written articles) under my belt and it has surprised me what articles have been the most popular. What I think is going to be a hit, never is… Who would ever think that an article about making an “America Online CD” would be a popular article? I’m learning, it is all about helping others…  To share with my readers, here is the TOP 10 most read articles, since the beginning of my adventure in blogging.

What’s On My PC
Top 10 Articles

(clicking on a link will open a separate window)

  1. When Vista will not boot…
  2. Is your system infected with the Downadup Worm, Conficker, or Kido?
  3. Beware! Telephone Bill Rip-Off…
  4. USB Flash Drives.. FAQ (frequently asked questions)!
  5. Should I shut “OFF” my PC or leave it “On”?
  6. Creating an AOL Install CD… (if you must:)
  7. The Underbelly of the Internet – Antivirus 2009 (removal help)…
  8. “WOT” to trust; “WOT” not to trust!
  9. Remote into your Notebook PC “Wirelessly” with UltraVNC…
  10. Uninstalling and Installing AntiVirus Software…

If you are interested in becoming a blogger, I encourage you to visit WordPress.com…  It is an easy and very rewarding experience.



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4 thoughts on ““What’s On My PC…” – The Top Ten!

Add yours

  1. I consider it a privilege to be of any assistance to you I can. This website of yours is a valuable public service, as well as being a pleasure to visit.

    It is not at all an easy thing, producing good articles with the regularity you do, and I wish you continuing success at it.

    PS — I don’t mind in the least the adjective “a little bit crazy”. I actually enjoy troubleshooting computer problems.. so, yeah, I qualify.


  2. Hey Rick,

    Writing is a special skill that you have in abundance. A skill that is easily recognizable by all who have been lucky enough to find your site.

    Coupled with your writing skill, you have a highly relaxed teaching style that is comfortable, and yet direct.

    No surprise then, that you have been so successful in such a short time. You are a valued resource on the Internet – my favorite type of person.

    Continued success, and I look forward to more collaboration.


  3. TechPaul and Bill,

    This is just one of my ways of saying “THANK YOU”!

    Mean that wholeheartedly… Even though you both are just a little crazy (LOL). Knew that would draw you both in.



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