A Homemade Utility Launcher

This post is about an utility launcher that is geared toward the computer user who has a basic understanding about file paths and locating the executable for specific programs. An executable is the actual (*.exe) file that launches an application.

If you have that understanding, then you need to take a look at a program called “Utility Launcher”. Utility Launcher is a “homemade” program created by a computer hobbyist that is a diamond in the rough. Utility Launcher is a convenient way to launch up to 20 “clean-up and maintenance” programs from a single (1) desktop icon.  After you have your cleanup and maintenance programs loaded into the launcher, you simply click on the shortcut to startup the launcher, click on “Run” and the launcher will run the first “cleanup or maintenance program” on the list. After that “cleanup or maintenance program” completes, you click “Run” again, and the second “cleanup or maintenance program” performs its’ task; and so on and so forth. If there is a program on the list that you do not want to run, then you simply click on the “skip” button. If you need to change the order of the tasks, there is a text file, within Utility Launcher’s folder, that you can edit to make the change. For a homemade program, this program makes performing cleanup and maintenance tasks, such as virus scans, software updates, disk optimizing, and defragging, very convenient.  I can also see using this utility to assist other people who do not know how or what order to run their cleanup or maintenance software.

You can see from the graphic below, the order which I run some of the maintenance and security software on my PC…  Again, if you have the basic understanding of file paths and executables, you will be able to tell what programs I have loaded to run in the  “Utility Launcher”.

Utility Launcher

It is small, innovative, software programs like this that I find exciting to use and write about.  Kudos to  James F. Bays, author of Utility Launcher.  Definitely a keeper on my PC!

Description of Utility Launcher, as reflected on the author’s website:

Utility Launcher is a convenient launcher for clean-up and maintenance programs. You can place up to 20 utilities under a single (1) desktop icon, so they can be accessed and run quickly. This is the utility program that I use regularly to run my arsenal of third-party clean-up and maintenance programs. [download: 1.2 MB]



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GET IT HERE - Utility Launcher

7 thoughts on “A Homemade Utility Launcher

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    1. rhh,

      Click on “Menu” (at top left corner) and then “Add Utility to List”… I also encourage you to visit the site and to encourage the author to develop the program further (to make it easier for everyday users). This type of application can be very helpful to people. I hope that I was helpful.

      Thank you for visiting “What’s On My PC…”



  1. This looks like a very cool program which, I think, can be used to do a lot of things. For example, I’m going to download it and use it to drive a series of batch files.

    I suspect that with a little bit of work it will be able to do that handily.

    Thanks for this Rick.


  2. Bill,

    I’m hoping the developer continues to further enhance the program. I’ve contacted him to let him know that he is on to something good here…

    Thanks for dropping by…



  3. Thanks for your kind remarks concerning my homemade program, Utility Launcher. I probably will not be developing it further, however. September, 2007, I was in an auto accident that left my brain a bit scrambled, and I haven’t done any programming or any web pages since. My powers of concentration are not what they used to be. But the program is really quite simple, so anyone could take the Source Code and, using Just BASIC (the free programming language), make it into any thing you like. For anyone who might be interested, you can see my wreck and recovery on YouTube:

    So there you have it: I was once a hobby programmer, now I’m a YouTuber… Thanks again, JFB.


    1. James,

      I hope you are recovering well… I will check out your YouTube video.

      Brain Injury takes time and who knows you may be back at it again. I wish you well!



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