Need some cloudware? – Web 2.0 Apps

I did not realize how many Web 2.0 (cloud apps) were out there until a fellow blogger – “Carol’s Vault” – sent me links to (3)-three sites that specialize in nothing but cloud apps. I was in complete awe… This was like hitting the cloud apps jackpot!

First, a big THANK YOU to Carol’s Vault –“the geek girl”. Carol’s Vault is a blog, that is geared toward information technology, including the best in freeware and open source software. I have been following “the geek girl’s” blog for more than a year and actually developed an interest for blogging from that specific blog.

Need some cloudware? – A directory of web 2.0 applications and services…

Feedmyapp – Your daily web2.0 dose…


Simple Spark – Discover, share and enjoy web apps for your life online.

Simple Spark


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6 thoughts on “Need some cloudware? – Web 2.0 Apps

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    1. Carol,

      As I had mentioned, your blog had alot to do with me starting my own blog back in July (’08). Something that caught my eye early on was that you were helping a young man to promote his blog. I have enjoyed blogging ever since.

      Keep your blog going. The information you provide is always a surprise and the reader always leaves the blog with something good.

      Thank you,



  1. Cloud apps have been making life much easier.
    I personally also recommend you to try some Cloud OS, or popular known as online desktop models (like icloud, for example):

    You have access to many apps, in once place only, where you can not only create and share content, but also store your personal data.

    Hope you enjoy it!


  2. Hi Maisa,

    I will definitely take a look at icloud. I have tried eyeOS and a couple of others, but never heard of that one.

    Thank you for pointing that one out. I love new stuff.



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