A Very Inspirational “Amazing Grace”

This is an off topic blog post, but sometimes those posts can be the best. When I come across something that I feel is phenomenal, I have to shout it out. All of us have listened to or have been exposed to the hymn “Amazing Grace” at one time or another. It is one of the most popular hymns in America and is a hymn that really touches the soul. The history of what inspired the words to “Amazing Grace” is interesting in itself.

According to the Library of Congress;

“Its text, a poem penned in 1772 by John Newton, describes the joy and peace of a soul uplifted from despair to salvation through the gift of grace. Newton’s words are also a vivid autobiographical commentary on how he was spared from both physical and spiritual ruin. It relates the happy ending of the tale of a defiant man who manages again and again to escape danger, disease, abuse, and death, only to revert to “struggles between sin and conscience.”

Recently while browsing YouTube, which I am really not a frequent visitor, a music video of “Amazing Grace” being sang by Il Divo, the popular operatic quartet, caught my attention.  The combination of the hymn and this quartet is phenomenal.  I encourage you to take a moment to listen to and view the video.

Amazing Grace


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