Yadabyte Dictionary – A no frills, easy-to-use, portable dictionary

If you are terrible at spelling and at defining words, Yadabyte Dictionary is a software solution that is fast, is FREE, less than a 100 KB in size, contains definitions for over 145,000 words and can be carried with you on a flash drive.  It requires no installation (download and run).  I’ve been carrying this one around with me for the past couple of years.

clipped from yadabyte.com

Yadabyte Dictionary

Yadabyte Shhh!!!

Yadabyte Dictionary is the new and state of the art dictionary with unheard of compression, speed and a wonderfully intuitive interface, it is simply the best.

More definitions and synonyms than any other dictionary. These all stem from an awesome 145,000 + definitions.

Incredibly small file size : thanks to our bespoke, next generation, text compression techniques. With Yadabyte Dictionary we have compressed nearly 24 megabytes of information into a mere 5 megabytes

The Intuitive Tab based interface allows for easy and refined usage .

Now Yadabyte Dictionary automatically finds any word you have copied to the clipboard or highlighted within the app.

NOTE: This is an American English Dictionary

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3 thoughts on “Yadabyte Dictionary – A no frills, easy-to-use, portable dictionary

Add yours

  1. Rick,
    I particularly like stopping by your site each day because you continually amaze me with all of your different ‘finds’.. How do you manage to do so much exploration and discovery???


  2. TechPaul,

    From years of experience and having my wife telling me I love the computer more than her (LOL).

    Actually she is very understanding and supportive of my passion (AKA: obsession).



  3. I know I don’t have to tell you to use the proper precautions while doing all your “web wanderings”, that’s just preaching to the choir..

    How is your new Cloud Computing section doing? I am just beginning to explore the topic, and I have found your page a great resource.
    Did you know that there’s whole groups of people talking about the ‘phenomenon’ (Google Groups, Yahoo!)? Like.. this could ever be popular, or anything..


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