“Thumbtack” – A FREE Cloud App from Microsoft Live Labs

Just when I think I’m ahead of the game, I learn something new. I did not know Microsoft currently maintains a site called “Microsoft Live Labs”.  Live Labs, established by Microsoft in January 2006,  is a test bed for Windows Live projects that are developed through the collaberation of engineers, scientists, researchers and the online community.

During my visit to the site, I was introduced to what I think is a jewel of a cloud application, called “Thumbtack”.  Thumbtack, currently in development, is an online application that serves as your personal collecting point for notes, web clippings, pictures, web sites, etc… Thumbtack allows you to publish and share your collections with others. Thumbtack is an AJAX application, has no OS dependencies and currently supports the  Internet Explorer and Firefox 3 browsers. Using a bookmarklet feature associated with thumbtack, you can quickly (and easily) grab content from the web and have it automatically delivered to your Thumbtack account for future reference. As an avid blogger, I can see where this cloud app will serve as a great research tool. If you currently have a “Hotmail or Windows Live” account you can easily give “Thumbtack” a try.


If you do not have an account, you can [ click here ] to get started.

To learn more about “Thumbtack” I encourage you to visit the “Thumbtack Site”.

Reflected below are (2)-two video which explains the features of “Thumbtack”.

Video: Thumbtack Introduction

Thumbtack - Intro

Video: Thumbtack collections

Thumbtack - Collections


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2 thoughts on ““Thumbtack” – A FREE Cloud App from Microsoft Live Labs

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  1. Rick, you are “ahead of the game”! Sheeze.. how do you keep finding these pearls?

    There are a lot of people who like to badmouth Microsoft, and right up through Windows ME, I tended to join in the chorus.
    But my experience has been, since XP Service Pack 2, that “bad rep” has been less and less deserved, and now I find myself almost applauding the company.
    Their astronomy tool is the best. I rely on Windows Live Writer. And I will instantly adopt Windows 7 once it goes “mainstream”.

    I have said it here before.. my! How times change.


  2. TechPaul,

    I’ve been testing Thumbtack and the more I use it, the more I like it… It will only get better.

    I have always been excited when Microsoft makes a release of their software and operating systems. Some I have liked and many I have not liked; BUT, really where would we all be without them. Basically their technology has been the driving force to current technologies and has challenged others to come up with other options when they do not like the Microsoft options. Example, Firefox is there because many don’t like IE.



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