Ginipic – Taking image searching to a whole new level…

Several years ago when the major search engines provided options to search specifically for images I thought, WOW!  How would you like to take that WOW! and turn it into AMAZING ?


I came across this “FREE” attractive application, that you install on your PC, called Ginipic. Ginipic is designed as a search engine that searches numerous other search engines for specific pictures or graphics that you may be looking for. You can search for images using a specific search engine source (such as Flickr, Google, Yahoo) or you can search many sources together. Here is a screenshot that lists the search engines that Ginipic will search.

Ginipic Search Engine Selections

Once you enter your what you are looking for; Ginipic does the rest. Initially when you start up Ginipic, it is in a small vertical window (see below).

Ginipic Startup

You can open that window in full screen and voila’, a whole screen of over 100 tiled images will be produced and that is only the first page of images. Ginipic literally can produce results totaling into the hundreds of thousands  (see thumbnail below).


Once you locate an image, you simply click on the image and the image is presented to you in a separate window (see below). At this point you can do many things with the image such as resize it, share it, email it, save it, set it as your desktop wallpaper, etc. One really neat feature is that you can drag and drop an image to an open application and insert it into the application with minimal fuss.

Ginipic Selection

This application is definitely a keeper on my PC. If you are interested in GiniPic, I encourage you to visit the web site [ ]. If you are someone that uses images on a regular basis, then this application is a must. A small demo video (with no sound) is reflected below to give you more of an idea of how this application works.

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6 thoughts on “Ginipic – Taking image searching to a whole new level…

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  1. As a blogger, I find the “search multiple sources” ability as useful as I found WebFerret to be.. lo’ so many years ago.
    Truly a program I use frequently. Highly recommend it.

    And the wordplay on “guinea pig” is kind of fun too.


  2. TechPaul,

    I can remember WebFerret… I am already using Ginipic for a project that I work on weekly. This will be great and will only get better. Surprises me that the makers of Ginipic have not make this a cloud app…



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