G.ho.st (“Ghost”) – Your online virtual computer…

When we first sit down at our computer the first thing we see is our desktop which serves as the visual gateway and the initial launching point for files, programs, settings, menus, icons, etc… We have become accustomed to seeing a certain desktop model  that consists of a start menu, a task bar, a wallpaper background, icons, etc. This model is consistent across the various operating system platforms; from Windows, to Mac, to the many flavors of Linux. Take us away from that desktop model and our comfort level suddenly drops.

Currently there are numerous online services being introduced (called cloud apps) that allow you to access those services through your browser (such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox & Chrome). There are even web-based operating system environments being introduced that attempt to replicate the desktop model. How would you like to go to any computer that is connected to the internet and be able to log into your own personal desktop; a desktop that looks familiar and allows you to do virtually the same functions you are now performing on your computer’s desktop at home? It is possible with these types of web based operating systems.


Today, I came across a service called “Global Hosted Operating System” or “Ghost” (actually G.ho.st) that is the closest resemblance to the desktop model that I have experienced to date. If you are on broadband (high-speed G.ho.stinternet), you have to at least try the “Ghost” virtual computer.  It will not harm your computer in anyway and it is absolutely free. The first thing to make clear is that Ghost is currently in the “alpha” stage of “public” testing. It is stable and usable, but it is not yet fully complete.  During “alpha testing”, you can expect some bugs, but they will not bite. You can test Ghost by visiting the web site [ click here ] and clicking on the “Guest Account”. Once you have accessed the “Guest Account and have loaded the Ghost desktop, go full screen…  Don’t be surprised that you feel as if you are on another computer…  If you find Ghost to be something you may be interested in following you can setup an account to create your own personalized desktop in the clouds.  You are initally provided with a 5 GB account (for file storage) and an additional 3 GB account for the email account.  Additional space can be acquired by referring your friends to Ghost.

What is Ghost?

G.ho.st® provides every person in the world with a free Virtual Computer (VC). Like a Windows PC, or Mac, the VC is a personal computing environment which includes your desktop, your personal settings, your files and your choice of software applications. But unlike a PC, your VC is not installed on one physical computer – instead it is stored in professional data centers across the Internet cloud, and is accessed from any Internet browser in the world. From any computer, open the browser to G.ho.st , enter your username and password, and continue using your VC from exactly the state you last left it in.

[ Click here to enlarge screenshot in a new window ]


What are the advantages of G.ho.st?

Available from any browser in the world instead of being installed on one physical machine.

The operating system, many apps, and the first 5GB of data storage and 3GB of email storage are absolutely free.

Software (namely Web-based software) can be run without installation.

The computer is always up-to-date, secure and backed up with no action or cost on your part.

The G.ho.st® VC manages all your Web logins and all your web ‘stuff’ (e.g. files on different web services).

Because it is online, the G.ho.st® VC provides new possibilities for fun and collaboration, beyond what is available on a PC.

Examples of how to use G.ho.st

You can use the G.ho.st® file upload/download facility to permanently move your files (documents, music, photos, etc.) to G.ho.st®. You can use G.ho.st® Mail as your e-mail service and use the POP aggregation to receive e-mails from your other e-mail services (as well as your new @G.ho.st email). You can also use G.ho.st® My Items to manage your Web stuff (links to Flickr photos, Google Docs, YouTube videos, etc.) and use the G.ho.st® Browser to make sure that your bookmarks and cookies are available everywhere.

Key Features

  • Access your desktop, files, apps and settings from any Internet browser
  • Desktop and apps run without the need for installation or updating
  • Customize your desktop and choose from 20+ available languages
  • G.ho.st® has chosen the very best available storage service for your precious data – Amazon Web Services
  • 5GB professionally hosted and backed-up disk space
  • Many file types can be viewed or edited online with a simple double-click
  • Upload and sync your documents, photos and music easily using the G.ho.st® Upload Download Utility, Sync program or FTP
  • Manage smart shortcuts called Tagged Things to Web resources – webmarks (URLs), files, photos, videos, music, products
  • Single sign-on to other services such as Google Docs using My Logins
  • Manage smart shortcuts called Tagged Things to Web resources – webmarks (URLs), files, photos, videos, music, products
  • Share or publish your files directly from the G.ho.st® Drive
  • Read, write and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations using G.ho.st® integrations with Zoho, directly from your G.ho.st® Storage
  • Edit Google Docs, sheets and presentations stored at Google from within G.ho.st®
  • Manage your e-mails, calendar and contacts with the Web’s leading collaboratoin suite
  • You will receive a yourGhostID @G.ho.st email and can retrieve other emails as well (using “POP3”)
  • Yes G.ho.st® runs within the browser but also contains a browser of it’s own! Whichever computer you are on, the G.ho.st® Browser will have your history, your webmarks, and your “cookies” so that other sites will recognize you


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13 thoughts on “G.ho.st (“Ghost”) – Your online virtual computer…

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  1. Welcome to the future of computing.

    A very nicely presented article which clearly explains cloud-based computing. Great job!

    Is this “new model” making Microsoft a little nervous? You bet!


  2. TechPaul,

    Thanks… I will be definitely following G.ho.st. I’m quite impressed how fast and smooth it works for an online program.



  3. rick: i tried to sign up but was running into a roadblock with a server timeout during sign up. i’ll keep trying it and get back with you. thanks for the invite. looking forward to trying it out!


  4. Hey Rick,

    I have the same problem as G.

    This looks like a terrific solution for some of my stuff, so I’ll keep trying on this one.



  5. Very amazing technology. The world is going digital!!!
    Since a year, I’m relaying on this WebOS. I have no burden to go everywhere without thinking about my real PC since I have one in the cloud. Moreover, I can access my emails and files through my mobile browser through http://g.ho.st/m

    Also they got a new feature that can runs your cloud files with Microsoft office installed at my PC. http://g.ho.st/help/MSTutorial.jsp

    Even more than that, I read that they are a joint venture between the Israelis and Palestinian which is the real peace model.


    1. mabdellatif,

      Thank you for your comments and the info about the added feature. I just started using this WebOS and I am liking what I am experiencing…



  6. another thing is to gain Gig Space, you invite people to join g.ho.st and when people put you as reference when they join, u get 1 g


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