How to save ink, paper and money…

At $22 per quarter-ounce, a Hewlett-Packard color ink-jet cartridge is more expensive, by weight, than imported Russian caviar. – source: PCWorld – Aug 28, 2003

Inkjet printers have plummeted in cost since 2003; however, the ink cartridges are still more expensive, per quarter ounce, than Russian caviar. Many people have sought out solutions such as refilling the ink cartridges or printing to a PDF file instead [see article]. One solution that is easier than both is learning how to print your documents in “draft” mode.  You will increase the life expectancy of your cartridges and save money. You will find that draft mode is sufficient for most printing needs with minimal loss in quality. I would also like to add, if you are printing photographs, I suggest you take them to a local photo kiosk or use one of the online photo processing services.  It eliminates a whole lot of frustration and the quality of the prints are much better (in my opinion).

How to print in draft mode?

Instead of reinventing the wheel here, my blogging friend, TechPaul, at Tech-for Everyone has provided an excellent resource on this topic titled, “Smart Printing Habits Save Money”.  I encourage you to visit the site, by clicking on any the links below.  Once you are at the site, be sure to watch the  “video tutorial”.  The tutorial link, located at the bottom of TechPaul’s article,  will provide you with step-by-step instructions on “How to save money on printing”.

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Smart Printing Habits Save Money

Reduce Your Ink and Paper Costs With These Simple Tips

Printer paper is dear, and ink cartridges are outrageous.

Can you tell I recently went to the store? Sheeze! Yes, I know all about “generics”, and refills, and refill kits.. but ouch! The price tags still hurt an old skinflint like me. (Call me Captain Cheapdate.)

Tip of the day: reduce your ink and paper consumption with these simple tips.

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4 thoughts on “How to save ink, paper and money…

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  1. Hey, Rick. Thanks for mentioning my humble Tips & Tricks blog. Your readers are always welcome.

    Just want to mention I have a link to a video tutorial posted there as well.


  2. TechPaul,

    Thank you for pointing the video tutorial link out in your article. I have completed a “re-edit” to make reference to the tutorial. I previewed the tutorial and it is definitely worth watching…

    Again, Thank You for sharing your knowledge with us!



  3. great article.

    at work, i’m the token anti-paper guy. i’ve pretty much gone to a paperless office. this is huge because the industry i’m in (construction), requires excessive paper trails. mine just a paper-less trail.

    i work with 6 other project managers who (like myself) have two each 4 drawer file cabinets in our office. I use one drawer which is maybe half full.

    did i mention i’m in love with the high speed scanner?

    my moto: paper in, digital out.


  4. G,

    I am the same way… I have learned to print to PDF files (see link in article) to keep things in an electronic format. Going paperless can be done; people just don’t know how to go about it. Thanks for visiting and your supportive comments…



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