Enhance Your Windows Wallpaper

When I find great software where the author is dedicated to meeting the needs of the end-user, I will make a point to applaud the author (programmer) by posting the software on the blog. One such author, who get’s a standup ovation and is a repeat performer,  is John Conners, who is the programming genius behind John’s Background Switcher.

John's Background Switcher

If you spend a great deal of time at your PC it is important to change the scenery once in awhile to help keep your mood enlighted. John’s Background Switcher is awesome in the aspect that it will automatically change your background (wallpaper) images at pre-determined intervals. The real power behind the software is the ability to pull images from a variety of sources and plaster them on your screen in a variety of different ways. The most recent change, which prompted this writeup, is that you can now pull images from any Media RSS feed. This option alone literally enables the user to pull down a vast array of images from a vast array of media sources. If you are not using this software, then you are missing out on a premier “FREE” software package that is a real joy to use AND see. [ GET IT HERE ]

John's Background Switcher


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2 thoughts on “Enhance Your Windows Wallpaper

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  1. TechPaul,

    I hope this does not deter programmers, like John, from going forward with their creations… Sometimes wish MS would focus on the operating system and let the eye candy to the outside developers…



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