Learning about “Teenager Internet Usage”

One of my fellow blogging friends, Bill Mullins (Tech Thoughts) , who has written extensively about information security and the internet threats that await us on a daily basis, posted an article:

“How Does Your Teenager Use the Internet? – Should You Care?”

I truly believe that many parents have no idea of what their children are being exposed to on the internet. The portrayals of violence and sex are the hot topics; and, when I use the term “portrayal” I am not using that loosely. If you can think of it, someone has posted it on the internet. It is all presented in a “virtual” reality (almost real) sense. The Social Networks that are out there take peer pressure to a whole new level; often are the cultivator’s to unethical behavior and often serve as a predatory playground. Your children, if not guarded closely, can be innocently exposed and desensitized to the point that their conscience (morals and ethics) are affected.

If you are a concerned parent and want to learn more, I strongly encourage that you read Bill’s article [ CLICK HERE ]. Reflected below is a clip from the article that makes a point that hit home with me. I commend Mr. Mullins for taking the time to serve as the messenger for this most important topic.

Clipped from billmullins.wordpress.com

How Does Your Teenager Use The Internet? – Should You Care?

Posted by: Bill Mullins on: March 14, 2009

Consider this – would you drop off your child, or teenager, in a neighborhood where more than half of the buildings were adult stores, and which was potentially full of predators? In my view, if you allow your child, or younger teenager, to interact with the Internet unsupervised, or without having communicated to your child information concerning potential on-line dangers, this is what you may be doing.

ParentalControl Bar, a browser toolbar, is one solution provided free of charge, by WRAAC.org, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free, and effective Internet control tools.

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7 thoughts on “Learning about “Teenager Internet Usage”

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  1. Sometimes, I half-jokingly kid around that people really should be required to get some basic training, take a simple test, and be issued a ISL (Internet Surfer’s License) before being allowed onto the Internet.

    Mr. Mullins’ article, I think, should be part of that pre-license ‘required reading’.

    I am not half-joking, and NOT kidding around, when I say thank you for posting this gentle reminder to your readers. This topic is really, really important.


  2. TechPaul,

    I remember your articles stipulating that “basic training and licensing” should be a pre-requisite… Oh, how I do agree with you… I do not have to tell you about the “underbelly of the internet”; but, we need to “constantly” remind others. As always, “good friend”, I thank you!



  3. I am concerned child worried about crap that my mom could get in email from her social networking.

    It’s not an age problem, it boils down to common sense, looking for trouble and actual [lack of] concern about possible problems.

    Talk about security/privacy and installing some kind of parental software doesn’t solve this. Careful and patient educating children (parents) does. 🙂

    PS you don’t generally see nasty stuff online unless you look for it or visit questionable sites


    1. Rarst,

      You are so right “you don’t generally see nasty stuff online unless you look for it or visit questionable sites”… Parental controls or no Parental controls. Really boils down to the ethics and values of the person.



    1. Mike,

      Thank you very much for advocating the usage of the OpenDNS. I can personally attest to the quality of OpenDNS, due I am a user of that DNS service. The built in parental controls that you mention are fantastic. Thank you for pointing this service out to the readers.



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