What to do if your Windows Live Hotmail Account has been stolen…

Hotmail Account StolenIf you are someone that depends on the Windows Live Hotmail service for email, how would you like to wake up and find that you were unable to login into your account; then later discover that everyone in your address book received an email that you were in urgent need of help and that you needed money? A friend of mine recently experienced this type of situation. What had happened was that his Hotmail account had been hijacked and stolen. The hijacker accessed the account, changed the password and then sent out the following email to everyone in the address book in an attempt to steal money through deception.


Hello. please I need your help. I am caught up on an International conference  and am on my way back. I lost all my personal effects, and I am stranded and  so confused at the moment I need a sum of about $1000 to put me through the  embassy and sort out the travel agencies. I will refund the money to you  sooner than you expect. Please I need you to keep this confidential!!! Let me  know if you can be of assistance so I can give you the name of the agent and  details to send the money to through Western Union Money Transfer. Sorry for  any inconveniences i would have call you but i lost my cell phone as well… I  will really appreciate this. I will fill you in on this as soon as I can Thank you  very much

Most people will let this type of incident pass and will simply subscribe to another account. My advice is to be persistent and report this matter to Microsoft Live Hotmail immediately and attempt to get your account name back (especially if your email name is your real name).

If you experience this type of situation where your Windows Live Hotmail account has been hijacked or stolen you will soon find that there is no customer support telephone hotline for Hotmail.

Hotmail Account Stolen[ click graphic for all options ]

  1. Make sure you have an another email account to communicate with Microsoft (remember, your hotmail account has been hijacked and you can no longer access it).
  2. If you suspect that someone has used or stolen your Windows Live Hotmail ID – CLICK HERE FOR WINDOWS LIVE HOTMAIL SUPPORT
  3. Complete and submit the form on the Windows Live Validation Page which is a form designed to validate ownership of an account.  You will be asked questions that you would only know about.


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