Avast! – Free Antivirus Software for Home Users

I have used numerous antivirus products over the years and have found that many of the “FREE” antivirus product options that are available are sufficient for home-based computer users.  What I look for in an antivirus product, is a product that will provide the needed protection without robbing my computer of its’ memory resources.  For the past 12 months I have been running the “FREE” edition of Avast! (called Avast! Home Edition) on my PC and have been quite pleased.  So far it has met the criteria that I desire (sufficient protection without slowing down the computer). I have actually seen computers overloaded with security suites to the point that the software designed to protect the computer actually becomes counterproductive.


The “Avast! Home Free Edition” is produced by Alwil (a Czech-based company).  Alwil also provides a professional version with additional features.   [ CLICK HERE ] to compare the two.  You will find that the “free version” offers features such as:

Anti-spyware built-in
Web Shield
Anti-rootkit built-in
Automatic updates
Strong self-protection
Virus Chest
Antivirus kernel
System integration
Simple User Interface
Integrated Virus Cleaner
Resident protection
Support for 64-bit Windows
P2P and IM Shields
Network Shield

I applaud Alwil for producing such a fine product and making it globally available to everyone in an effort to prevent the global spreading of viruses.  If you are interested in downloading and learning more about Avast! Home Free Edition [ CLICK HERE ]. If you download and install the free edition you will be required to register the product (for free).  The registration process is explained on the download page.  Once you complete the registration process, a license key will be emailed to you.  The registration is good for one year and can be renewed annually.


As an added note, if you opt to remove any antivirus software from your computer, to install another, always check with the software maker to determine the uninstall process.  To assist you with this process I encourage you to follow the links below:

AppRemover… Antivirus and Antispyware Uninstaller!

Uninstalling and Installing Antivirus Software


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15 thoughts on “Avast! – Free Antivirus Software for Home Users

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  1. I am lazily choosing free antivirus for my newish notebook. Want to try Comodon one cause I use their firewall anyway.

    Avast/Avira/AVG seem to be most mentioned antivirus freebies but they also have plenty of people hating them for various reasons.

    And it’s impossible to test antivirus properly. It can work great for a long time and then some day let virus slip and cause mountain of trouble.

    For myself I rely on process and behaviour monitoring (with quicks av scans) much more than on background monitor. Had plenty of unpleasant experiences hunting viruses manually while background monitor couldn’t care less. Time window between virus release and database update is too big and cannot be reduced.


  2. Rarst,

    I always love your comments… Straight, to the point and very true…

    The testing of antivirus is based on what we are told and is indeed very questionable. It is a big business…

    Thank you for your great comments!



  3. Rarst,

    I also traverse from blog to blog… I get almost obsessed with it… Anyhow, you are welcome here anytime!



  4. Sir,

    I needed free downlodable avast.com antivirus for protection of my pc and for my internet purpose,which is provided free by you form home based users, plese send me the link or where i can find to download your avast.com for home based free downloadble software with free activation key.

    kkindly let me know at the earliest.
    awaaiting for your reply.


  5. Rick,
    I came to this column from Bill Mullins’ blog citing your article on free security software.
    I also use Avast home and at work use Avast Professional. I find them to be excellent products. I will be trying several of the other products you mentioned.

    I wish to add one suggestion for anyone who will be removing an existing AV product or suite and trying any of the free products. Download the new software first. Then disconnect from the internet before uninstalling your existing product. Install the new software before reconnecting to the internet.


    1. Doug,

      Thank you for your feedback on Avast! I switched to it (from AVG), approximately a year ago. Also, what you are suggesting about disconnecting and reconnecting from the internet during the uninstall/install routines, is an excellent suggestion. Security software has the tendency to “phone home” for definition and program updates and by disconnecting eliminates any “burps” that may occur that could hinder the uninstall or install process… Thank you very much and do drop by again!



      1. Rick, I paid for Avast about two months ago and just got two Trojans my local tech says was attached to automatic Microsoft downloads of Adobe flash. Cost 4 times the cost of Avast to have it removed. Any thoughts?
        Thanks 3/15/11


      2. Horace,

        Something does not sound right about that. I never heard where Microsoft Updates downloads Adobe products (such as Adobe Flash). Sorry to hear about the trojan infection. Avast is a very good product. I am now currently using Microsoft Security Essentials (which is FREE) as “one layer” of protection. What was the breaking point or clue that your PC was infected? There is nothing out there that can provide 100 percent protection.



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