ScreenToaster released today three key functionalities…

If you are a regular follower of “What’s On My PC…”, you will remember the writeup on:

ScreenToaster – An “Awesome and Free” web based screen recorder!


Today I received formal notice from, that they officially released today three key functionalities that strengthens its position as the easiest and fastest tool to record, publish and spread tutorials, demos, training, lectures and more.

  1. Upload your videos to YouTube in HD – Benefit from YouTube’s audience and viral potential; Keep ScreenToaster’s High Quality on your favourite video platform; YouTube videos now include soundtrack
  2. Download in .mov for video editing – Benefit from third party video editing tools to rework your videos Audio now supported for downloaded files
  3. Beta Test their recorder API – Let your users publish videos directly on your blog, forum, website or extranet. Ideal for collaborative projects, professional tutorials, users’ support and feedback management, bug tracking and reporting.

    At every step of the process, ScreenToaster reduces the time it takes to create and distribute your videos online. Imagine how fast it is to capture your screen activity directly from your browser, upload it in seconds online to and, stream it the minute after, and then use Twitter and other social networks to pass the word.

To register and try ScreenToaster out, insert your personal data at

What changed since February:

  • New categories and subcategories
  • Four levels of privacy
  • Direct upload to Google Video for featured videos
  • Download in .swf file formats
  • Record from external VNC servers
  • Accelerated or slow-motion playback / Pauses during recording
  • Spread on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed, Digg
  • Bookmark it on Delicious, Stumble Upon, Yahoo Buzz and Google Bookmark
  • Send your video by mail
  • Suggested videos on the video pages
  • Branded profiles
  • Search filters: “most commented”, by “language”…
  • Custom RSS feeds


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