A web (cloud) based application to make Powerpoint presentations …

If you are a Microsoft Powerpoint user, then you are going to like this write-up on the cloud based application called “280 Slides”.

280 Slides

“280 Slides” is an online, web (cloud) based, slideshow presentation editor (builder) that you use right in your browser. There is no software to download and absolutely nothing to pay for (totally free).  The application is currently in beta, like many other cloud apps, but is another good example of “software as a service” (SAS) being driven across the internet. Again, the application is in beta, but I found it to work quite smoothly for a beta product. Applications such as this, will only get better and change the way we use software, as we know it.

280 Slides

Immediately catching my attention with this application is that you can import existing Powerpoint presentations into the “280 Slideshow editor” and download the presentations you create into the Powerpoint file format.

Additional features:

  • Import Existing Slideshow Formats
  • Access your slideshow from anywhere that there is an internet connection.
  • Add photos and movies (built in online media search)
  • Professional Quality Themes
  • Autosave and Recovery
  • Download to Powerpoint
  • Publish and Share on the Internet


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3 thoughts on “A web (cloud) based application to make Powerpoint presentations …

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  1. Though I personally run away from anything PowerPoint (as to me, “PowerPoint” and “Boring Mandatory Lecture” are synonymous) I do realize that many, many people have come to rely on the ‘slideshow presentation’ method to impart information — and Microsoft’s PowerPoint has been the tool for that.

    Can it be that — once again — Microsoft’s monopoly is slipping away?


  2. TechPaul,

    You just read my mind…

    I currently use Powerpoint to create slides for my Church and have become a Powerpoint guru, but you are so right. When I was drafting this article I was thinking the same thing. Microsoft needs to be thinking differently than what they are… This app is a good example!



  3. Ha! Too funny. Our opposite-coasts synchronicity again?

    Microsoft may not realize it yet, but Google is the new “300lb gorilla” in the world..

    Say.. how is the Blackberry-pay-as-you-go experiment coming along? (I am pretty sure other “inquiring minds” want to know, too) Are you putting it through a rigorous ‘trial’? Is it proving flexible enough? (mobility-wise)


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