Web of Trust (WOT) – New Version Available

I was just telling someone today, that one of the best protections out there for internet users is the “Web of Trust” (WOT). If you use Firefox or Internet Explorer as your internet browser, you definitely need to install the Web of Trust (WOT) addon. The installation is very easy and it is FREE.  I have written about this application in the past and will continue to be an advocate of this product. Web of Trust (WOT) warns you before you interact with a risky website. It helps you stop the bad guy at the front door; not after the bad guy is already in your PC and your security software is going bonkers.

Web of Trust (WOT)

Today I learned that a new version has been released:

“Web of Trust, the popular safe-surfing tool for browsers, has introduced a new version with protection options to suit every web-surfing habit. Adults and experienced users who prefer “Light” protection receive only a simple alert notifying them of sites with a poor reputation, whereas selecting “Maximum Safety” will prevent a risky page from loading. Parents with young children can choose the “Parental Control” mode which blocks inappropriate sites like pornography.” – Source: Web of Trust

The new version offers you, the user, control over the levels of protection you desire:

Web of Trust

Folks, if you do not have this addon installed, then you are playing Russian routlette with your mouse. The more people we can get onboard with this type of protection, the safer the internet will become. Stop the bad guys before they get in the front door.

Please visit the “Web of Trust” web site [ CLICK HERE ] to learn more and to install this FREE browser addon that you will not regret.


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7 thoughts on “Web of Trust (WOT) – New Version Available

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  1. “Someone” here. 🙂

    I had already shared that I have little trust in idea over at my blog… Here is more on-topic so few extra thoughts.

    For crowd wisdom security system to be effective I have following assumptions:
    – specific site was visited AND rated. So any new site will slip under radar just fine. Again “enumerating badness” and opening window which is typical fault;
    – there is enough ratings to be relevant;
    – ratings where made by users savvy enough to make educated choice.

    It’s decent idea but it suffers from same core faults as rest of security software and relies on people (which are unreliable by definition) on top.

    Good to have, unwise to rely on.


  2. i’m a big fan of WOT! can’t say enough good things about it. everyone should not only use firefox, but should also have the WOT addon as well.


  3. Thank you, Rick, for recommending WOT to your readers. We are pleased with the growth of our community and we attribute it to people like you who help us spread the word.

    Dear Rarst, I understand your trepidations about the community-driven aspect of WOT. However, our ratings are also from numerous trusted sources like malware and spam listing such as PhishTank, hpHosts, DNS-BH Malware Domain list and Artists Against 419. You can read more about rating input in our FAQ.

    You are right about not relying solely on WOT. We like to use WOT in a layered approach to security along with updated anti-virus, anti-malware, a firewall, etc. WOT is perfect for the front-line defense when you are surfing the Internet, especially when it comes to unreliable online shops and child safety, where human input is essential.

    Thanks again, Rick!

    Safe surfing,
    Web of Trust


    1. Deborah,

      I will continue to advocate for “Web of Trust”… I thank you and the Web of Trust team for a great product!



  4. @Deborah

    Naturally I skimmed your FAQ before I started making any comments on topic. 🙂

    I noticed that other sources are used for rating but you present your product as community effort and I had treated is as such.


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