Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#4)

Geek Squeaks'

How to Install a Program that is an ISO – TTC Shelbyville

PSI to the Rescue – Tech-for Everyone

Disable Avira Notifier – Tech Thoughts

Bursting Security Bubble –

Malwarebytes – Anti Malware Software – Piyada’s World

Harmless Geek Pranks for a Little April Fooling – LifeHacker

Paragon Drive Backup – Free Program – Free PC Security

McAfee Stinger Conficker Edition – Evilfantasy’s Blog

Spyware Terminator v2.5 – Crazy World of G

My Dream Blackberry: Storm With Trackball – Confessions of a Freeware Junkie – Facebook face recognition app – Carol’s Vault

Conficker Tips from – AskBillFirst

“1 of Friends Awaiting Your Response” Email – 411

Microsoft Buys Yahoo! – TechJaws

How to use a Blackberry Smartphone with a cheap “Pay As You Go” mobile phone plan… – What’s On My PC…

Geek Squeaks are random “hot” topic links (called “squeaks”) from various credible sources (called “geeks”) and may appear on the blog at any time.  Many of the topics are creations from fellow bloggers or software authors who have actively participated (e.g. link exchanges, comments, etc…) with “What’s On My PC…”.  If you are interested in a link exchange please leave a comment below.


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13 thoughts on “Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#4)

Add yours

  1. Arafat,

    You are quite welcome… Trying to pull the highlights from my blogging buddies. Unbelievable how good these writer’s are and the information that is provided.



  2. Had to check out the Geek Pranks link..

    Think I first pulled the fake BSOD in ’97 (back when T-Rex was king) .. Somehow, I don’t think that’s funny anymore.. and my ‘victims’ didn’t think it was too funny then.

    As always, thanks for mentioning my humble Tips & Tricks blog, and watch out for pranksters!


  3. TechPaul,

    I used to have fun with users on the network (open/close cd tray, turn screen upside down, etc..). They were ready to kill me after I told them it was me; but, we had fun…



  4. please add me in link exchange
    anchor text is techolar
    let me know your anchor text.
    if possible please email to the mail id submitted.
    I want to increase my network friends 🙂


    1. Techolar,

      You have mail… Glad to accept the link exchange. I have posted “Techolar” in my blogroll, which I call a “Launch Pad” of tech sites (at the right side of the blog).

      Keep up the great work with “Techolar”.



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