The easy way to print filenames in folders…

I have explored methods, in the past, that will list and print the filenames in folders on your computer and really did not arrive at an easy  to use method, until now!  There is the hard way and there is the easy way.

The hard way (for the tech savvy):

How to add the Print Directory feature for folders in Windows XP and in Windows Vista [ click here ]

The easy way (for people like me):

Directory List & Print
by Infonautics GmbH Switzerland

Director List and Print

This utility is a keeper for me… It is a portable app, easy to use, FREE, and has the ability to export your directory list to Microsoft Word or Excel at the click of a button. Utilities such as “Directory List & Print” are handy in the event you need to print the filenames in a folder on your computer. For example, if you maintain a music collection, this is an excellent way to print out that collection.



  • Selection of directories to be listed by a tree structure.
  • Listing of sub-directories and/or files.
  • Display last modification date.
  • Display last modification time.
  • Display file size.
  • Display filename with or without path directory.
  • Display filenames with or without file extensions.
  • Print directory listing, direct print of corresponding list.
  • Export list into other programs by copying to the clipboard. The corresponding data will be organized in columns and separated by tabs so that the list can be pasted directly into Excel ™ as a table.
  • Open the list directly in Microsoft Word™ and Excel™.
  • Sort order of the list: directories before files, within filenames in alphabetical order.


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17 thoughts on “The easy way to print filenames in folders…

Add yours

  1. Aw jeeze, Rick. Did you have to say “hard way”?

    You could have said “the manly and macho Über-Geek way”..

    Great find. Thanks. It’s on my portable toolkit now, thanks to you.


  2. I could have used this about a month ago. i googled all over trying to find a program like this. in my contracts, i have to list every page of a set of plans which we keep on line for subcontractors to view. what i usually do is go to the ftp site and copy the list to notepad and delete all of the non essential syntax (leaving just the plan page).

    Thanks a ton!


  3. ?

    start -> run -> type “cmd” without quotes

    cd to folder ex. cd c:\myfolder\my2folder
    and type
    dir *.* > myfolderlistingtoprint.txt

    now you have it in text file !


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