How to make your “Google Searches” more powerful…

Google is like a household name when it comes to search engines; BUT, do you really know how to make it work? Most of us when we want to search for something we “Google It” by typing in what we are looking for in the search query box, not giving much thought that there are other options available that will enhance and make the search results more powerful and refined. The options which I am referring to are called “operators” or “commands”. We normally input words into the search query box and the search engine will search the database for any page and page title containing the words. Before I show you where to get the operators or commands, let me give some examples of the more common ones that I have learned to use. (You can click on the links below to see the results in Google).

Google Search

Did you know you can search for specific phrases by simply placing the text in quotes? Here is a phrase, in quotations that I entered into the Google search query box: “I find that the harder I work”

Another easy example is finding definition to words. By inputting: define pickle OR define:pickle we will arrive with the definitions to pickle.

Looking for the weather?  Type: weather:21740

Looking for a page with a specific title? Type: intitle:what’s on my pc

Looking for a movie listing in your area? Type: movie:21740

Need to translate the language on a page:  Just copy the URL of the page you need translated into the Google query. The URL is the “www” address that you type into the address bar. The first result should show the page and you will see [ translate ] next to the result.  Click [ translate ] and the page will be translated, as closely as possible, into your native language.

Need to track your UPS or FedEx Shipment?  Just type the tracking number into the Google query box.

Looking for a person or phone number? Enter any combination of the following into the Google query box:

  • first name (or first initial), last name, city (state is optional)
  • first name (or first initial), last name, state
  • first name (or first initial), last name, area code
  • first name (or first initial), last name, zip code
  • phone number, including area code
  • last name, city, state
  • last name, zip code Don’t want your information in the Google phonebook? You’ll want to visit this page: Google Phonebook Name Removal (

Looking for a specific topic in Wikpedia (online free encyclopedia)?  Type “wiki” and whatever you are looking for into the Google query: wiki amazing grace

Where do you learn about and find the Google commands and operators?

“Google Guide” (by Nancy Blachman)

“Google Guide Cheat Sheet (by Nancy Blachman)

Basic search help

More search help

Search extras


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5 thoughts on “How to make your “Google Searches” more powerful…

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    1. Hermanu,

      Make sure you check out the links at the bottom of the article… Some good “Google Search” tips.

      Thanks for visiting!



  1. Clear. Concise. Helpful.

    Another winner, Rick!

    BTW.. I use the Boolean operators “+” and “-” a lot. The minus sign removes words from results. For instance, ‘salsa -dance’ would eliminate returns on the dance style, increasing the results on the condiment.


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