Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#5)

These links are a compilation of articles, for the past week, written by the friends to “What’s On My PC…” . To have an article featured on “Geek Squeaks’ of the Week” (every week) all that is asked for is a link exchange  with your blog or web site.

You will find that the articles written by these bloggers are comparable or better than many articles written in some of the top tech publications.

Geek Squeaks'Free Computer Courses – Tech-for Everyone

Is Windows 7 Just Vista? – TTC Shelbyville

Win a Free Rapidshare Premium Account – Techolar

WinPatrolToGo – A Great Addition to Your Geek Toolbox – Tech Thoughts

Everything – fast and powerful file search utility –

I Can’t HEAR You – Crazy World of G

Workrave – Schedule Your Work And Avoid RSI – Piyadas World

Is Thunderbird, Desktop Email Dying Out? – Lifehacker

15.4” LCD Screen Resolutions – WUXGA (1920 x 1200) Is The Way To Go – Is You GEEKed Up

The Truth About Security Software – Free PC Security

Conficker Eye Chart – Are you infected? – Evilfantasy’s Blog

My dream Blackberry: Storm with Trackball – Confessions of a freeware junkie

19 Amazing Free Graphic and Image Editors – Carputers News and Computer Tips

Safe Surfing with WOT – AskBillFirst

How to Remove “Trojan Detected” Popup!” – 411-

12+ Free Thinking iPod Touch/iPhone Puzzle Games Worth Playing – AllThatsNew

The easy way to print filenames in folders… – What’s On My PC…


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2 thoughts on “Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#5)

Add yours

  1. I consider it a privilege to refer readers to your site, and I thank you for mentioning mine. Your readers are always welcome.

    This website is one of only a very few that I visit every single day, and your readers are lucky to have you.


  2. TechPaul,

    I owe a debt of gratitude to you… I never thought I would enjoy blogging; but it is people like yourself (and of course your professional blog) that wants me to keep driving ahead. I look at blogging as an exercise of the mind. When I get on the downside and do not know what to write about, I hear you saying “OK, Rick, give me 10 burpees (LOL)and that get’s me going (LOL)… Readers, if you want to know what burpee’s are? It is a bloggers exercise to motivate. I can send you the article about it!



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