Newsletter with info to protect your PC…

I was reviewing the April ‘09 edition of the Web of Trust (WOT) newsletter and noticed that “What’s On My PC…” was reflected in the newsletter as a supporter of  Web of Trust (WOT)… I encourage you to download and read this newsletter, due that it offers important information on how you can make your internet experience much safer.  Thank you Web of Trust…

You can download the newsletter [ HERE ]

WOT Newsletter

If you are new to the Web of Trust (WOT)…  In summary WOT will help you stay safe when surfing the Internet.  It is an installation (browser add-on) that will make your internet browsing experience a safe experience.

  • Over 3 million users
  • Ratings for over 21 million websites
  • WOT safety ratings appear beside search results in Google, Yahoo!, Live Search, Wikipedia, digg, …
  • WOT warns you about dangerous links in Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, and Yahoo! Mail
  • Read comments about websites from other users
  • The WOT browser addon is light, easy to use, and updates automatically
  • Option to block sites that are not safe for children

Past articles about the “Web of Trust” on “What’s On My PC…”

Web of Trust (WOT) – New Version Available

“FREE” Internet Browsing Protection…

“WOT” is NEW…

“WOT” to trust; “WOT” not to trust!


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5 thoughts on “Newsletter with info to protect your PC…

Add yours

  1. i use and am a huge fan of WOT. when i fix other’s computers (usually to rid them of viruses or set up a new computer), i load firefox and install WOT addon, among other things.


  2. G,

    Thanks for visiting and your supporting comments. Really helps readers to see that others out there (especially techs) are advocates of WOT.

    Thank you!


  3. I am also a fan of WOT. And I also like the great community and forums WOT is having. People there are really helpful and open minded.
    Recently two people marked my website as RED, and because of that my blog was in Yellow Zone. When I came to know about that I contacted WOT and Steve Burns of was quick to remove my site from its database.
    Actually the database of is also used by WOT to rate websites.
    Later, on the advice of Colin of ( I posted a request of re-evaluation to WOT community here at
    Soon, I found that my blog was correctly rated and came in the Green Zone.
    Hope it helps to people whose site have been incorrectly rated as dangerous.


    1. Desinet1,

      Thank you for a great comment… WOT is a great service to us all that aims to please (even when they could be wrong).



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