Internet Security Blog – Check Out “Sandboxie”…

I happened to notice today, at the “Internet Security Blog”, the blogmaster is featuring an article on “Sandboxie” that I encourage my readers to take a look at. “Sandboxie” is an application that  runs your programs in an isolated space which prevents the “isolated programs” from making permanent changes to other programs and data in your computer. For example, I had a friend that was frequent visitor to an online gaming site that he could not live without; however, he suspected the site was causing him some issues. In this case I had the user run the browser and visit the site using “Sandboxie”.  Any issues he experienced remained in a sandboxed environment and did not impact the integrity of his computer.

Internet Security Blog

The “Internet Security Blog” does a fine job of providing insight and detailed instructions on how “Sandboxie” works. The “Internet Security Blog” is another fine example of blogging at a premier level, that I have added to my blogroll (called the “Launch Pad”). I encourage you to visit the site [ CLICK HERE ] to learn more about “Sandboxie” and other ways you can protect yourself on the internet.


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  1. Desinet,

    I don’t know about the seasoned part… I have been doing this for only 8 months and I’m loving it…

    Thank you for providing such wonderful (good) information on how we can keep ourselves safe on the internet.



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