Digital Free-Hand Drawing Software (for FREE)

This past year I have seen numerous photo and graphic editors pop up from nowhere and most have been quite remarkable… If you are someone who has talent in the area of sketching, drawing or painting, then you will be interested in knowing that there is  “FREE” software package available, called “SmoothDraw”. SmoothDraw supports many kinds of brushes (pen, pencil, dry media, airbrush, bristle brush, image hose, etc.), retouch tools, layers, image adjustment, and many effects… According to the website SmoothDraw works great with tablets and Tablet PCs. I found it worked very well, using what limited talents I had, by just using the mouse.

The install appears to consume only 3.5 MBs of space; however, is dependent on .NET Framework 2.0, which is common on most of today’s systems. I personally found this app to be quite user friendly and could also serve some benefit to those who need something to enhance and touch up photos. SmoothDraw is a new one on me and appears to be quite a powerful application, considering its small size. I encourage you to click the screenshot below to get a good look at the clean interface of this application.

System Requirements
Win98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista

Recommend a tablet/stylus for drawing


Smooth Draw Sceenshot Sm

If you are a user of Universal Extractor, as I am, you can take the SmoothDraw install file (setup file) and extract it to any directory you desire.  Using this method, based on my testing, SmoothDraw can be made into a portable app (for your flash drive) and used on other computers that are supported by the .NET Framework 2.0.

[ DOWNLOAD “SmoothDraw” ]


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4 thoughts on “Digital Free-Hand Drawing Software (for FREE)

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    1. G,

      I am in the same boat, “can’t paint or sketch”, but I too love these type of applications…

      Thanks for your comment and support!



    1. Arafat,

      This more a graphic editor for artists (with brushes, etc..). Really not bad for a small app where you can apply layers.



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