Key visual signs of a badware infection…

Many beginners to computers may not recognize what the symptoms are when their computer has been infected by badwareBadware, for the sake of this article, is defined as malware, spyware, popups, adware, trojans, virusesall the bad stuff that can infiltrate your computer without your permission. It is important that when you recognize the signs, to shutdown your PC and get help.

Recently during a visit to I noticed that the blogmaster, Kristopher Dukes, has provided a good description, throughout the blog, that describes “when you are infected with badware”, that I would like to share with you.

1clipsm [Source:]
When you’re infected with badware — whether it’s “Spyware object detected!” Popup, spyware, adware, a Trojan, or a virus — there are a few key symptoms. Have you noticed…

Slow computer performance: It just takes one parasite like “Spyware object detected!” Popup to slow your computer dramatically. If your PC takes longer than usual to reboot, or if your Internet connection is unusually slow, you may be infected with “Spyware object detected!” Popup.

New desktop shortcuts or switched homepage
: Badware like “Spyware object detected!” Popup may change your Internet settings to redirect your homepage to another site. Badware can even add desktop shortcuts to your PC.

Annoying popups
: Badware can bombard your computer with popup ads, even when you’re not online. Through these popups, you may be tricked into downloading more spyware.

I encourage you to make one of your daily visits.  It is important that when we recognize badware that there are solutions.  As Kris states “before you set fire to your PC”, there is a solution.


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