Online Blackberry Bible

CIOIf you are a RIM Smartphone (Blackberry) owner, then you will find this information, “clipped” from CIO, invaluable…  It is a great read on everything you need to know about your Blackberry…

Blackberry Bible

You can click on any of the titles below and you will be redirected to the CIO web site for that specific topic… Enjoy!

1clipsm [ Source: CIO ]
BlackBerry Bible:
Everything You Need to Know About Your RIM Smartphone

From keyboard shortcuts and tricks from mobile experts, to free software downloads, battery life tips, device reviews and insider commentary, we offer you our expert guide to help you master your smartphone and earn a BlackBerry black belt.

BlackBerry Tips: Using Folders
to Unclutter Your RIM Smartphone

BlackBerry Browser Shortcuts:
Killer Keyboard Tips & Tricks

Best BlackBerry Shortcuts:
Aflac’s Mobile Guru Shares Tips

Five Essential RIM BlackBerry Keyboard Tips and Tricks

Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts for Power Users

BlackBerry Storm Shortcuts:
20 Touch Screen Tips and Tricks

More Advanced BlackBerry
Keyboard Tips and Tricks for Power Users

BlackBerry GPS Navigation Tips:
Mastering BlackBerry & TeleNav Navigator

BlackBerry How To:
Change E-Mail Signatures (BIS & BES)

BlackBerry Tips & Tricks:
Boost Your BlackBerry Digital Camera Experience


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4 thoughts on “Online Blackberry Bible

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  1. Professor,
    Welcome to the Big Time!

    I see that your content is being “scraped” by cowardly, amoral, low-life’s and published as their own. (You really didn’t think ‘copyright’ would stop these scum.)

    Sadly, it is one of those “Internet things”, and there’s not much we authors and artists can do except to send them a “Cease & Desist”, and ask our readers to bookmark our sites.. (Folks, a big tip off to these guys is their URL’s end in “dot info”)

    Don’t get discouraged, okay? And, I don’t blame you if you got a wee bit cross and sore.. (I know I did!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    … cybercrime, man.


    1. TechPaul,

      All they had to do was ask… I am fortunate, because I have resources such as you and Bill… It is a shame though that a person cannot express their feelings and knowledge and someone even tries to steal that… Oh Well… Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I did learn something today!



  2. It’s all done by scripts. Fully automated. They pull using “keywords”.

    The point being to steal your reader type (searches, usually) and direct them to their site which has ads on it.. they hope that people will click on those ads, so they can collect 5¢ per click.

    It’s a crazy world.


  3. TechPaul,

    I did see where it was scripted and was trying to put this all together in my head… You just put in the rest of the pieces for me… One thing I will say, Web of Trust (WOT) did its’ job and acknowledged that “” is trouble…



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