Gmail is getting better and better…

GmailDid you know that if you have a Gmail account (Google’s popular email service) you can view PDF files, Powerpoint files and TIFF files? For example, if someone sends you Powerpoint slides as an email attachment in your Gmail, you can view the slides without installing the Powerpoint viewer; OR, if someone sends you a PDF file (Adobe’s Portable Document Format) you can view the PDF file without installing a PDF viewer. The Tiff format is a format that is commonly used when sending faxes.  The online Gmail viewer for these file formats is powered by Google Docs. You can read more about  these features on the “Official Gmail Blog”. If you do not have a Gmail account I encourage you to sign up for an account [ HERE ] to take full advantage of Gmail and all of the services that Google has to offer.



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  1. I did a comprehensive review of Gmail for my own blog and had a completely different take on the whole Gmail phenomena. Very disappointing, I thought.


    1. George,

      Thank you for your comments and your review on Gmail. Gmail, like other Google products, is an email product that once you start working with it; it somehow makes an impression and we end up keeping it. There is a high probability that most Gmail users are using it due to it is what is talked about. Google’s marketing tactics of Gmail was actually amazing. They put it out there on a first come first serve basis and next thing you know, people were begging to get “invites” to open a Gmail account. I do agree with some of the points you make in your article… The interface is not a favorite of mine as well… I think we will find that Gmail is just one of the links in Google’s plan to interweave their products into a “cloud based” operating system. Thank you for visiting the blog and keep up the great work with “Genuine George”…



  2. G,

    Gmail has been a favorite of mine, as well. I’ve been using it since the days of the “invites”…

    Thanks for visiting!



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