Tech-for Everyone – Surpasses a Half-Million Visitors

When I started blogging, approximately 9 months ago, it was a new adventure to me. What I have found during the past 9 months, as a rookie blogger, is the  importance of posting something new, almost everyday, in order to build a community of visitors to the site.

Writing and maintaining a blog, on a daily basis, is an exercise of the mind (like physical exercise) that challenges you beyond your normal limits. Yesterday I was very excited to experience a day where I had over 1,000 visitors to my blog in less than 24 hours. I would like to say “Thank You” to my visitors who responded and helped me reach that total. I try not to look at the numbers, but it does give me some motivation to continue with the exercise of the mind.

Another thing I have discovered with blogging is that there are good people out there. I have met (in a virtual sense), some of the most friendly, helpful and intelligent people. When I say virtual, I mean I have not been in the “physical presence” of any of these people. I describe it as almost “spiritual” in nature. There is email, messaging, webcams, and blog comments in the virtual sense, but no physical presence or contact.

Tech-for Everyone

One of these people in my blogging community, TechPaul (at Tech-for Everyone), is one of those bloggers I would like to publicly recognize. This guy is what I describe as a walking tech “wikipedia”… He, as several others, has been a mentor to me. Yesterday, TechPaul reached a milestone of over 500,000 visitors to his blog at “Tech-for Everyone”.

TechPaul’s blog is focused on helping others with computers and information technology by posting  Tech Tips, Tricks, and Advice. This accomplishment can only be described as an awesome achievement. A half million visitors to a blog is more than the population of some communities.

To congratulate TechPaul, I encourage you to routinely visit his blog; “Tech-for Everyone” and help him reach that million mark…


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3 thoughts on “Tech-for Everyone – Surpasses a Half-Million Visitors

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  1. Wow. I actually blushed.
    I sincerely thank you, kind sir.

    I was not at all surprised to see that you, also, set a record, as I consider this site to be one of the Internet’s yet-to-be-discovered gems. I hope that you will continue writing for a long time yet to come.

    My best to you and yours,


  2. I must congratulate techpaul. What he did is great. Wish you a continue success on your blogging life. I must share my experience too. My blog goes wild now, my blog get 2000+ unique hits/day, thanks to all my blogging friend who spread my blog over net. I specially thank “WhatsOnMyPc” to listed my blog to his launch pad.


  3. Arafat,

    Thank you for your kind words and support. Wow, 2000 plus hits a day is great and speaks alot about your blog. Keep up the great work!



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