Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#8)

Geek Squeaks'

I can only say WOW!  Another round of great articles, during the past week, from the top tech blogs on the internet… You can be part of this weekly listing by adding “What’s On My PC…” to your blogroll… 

Thank you!

Synchronize Two Folders to have a Backup – TTC Shelbyville

Have You Gone Virtual Yet? – Tech-for Everyone

Convert Any File Online For Free – AKSHAT

YouTube RealTime: FriendFeed-Style Notifications All In Real Time [Do You Have An Invite?] – AllThatsNew

FireFox 3.0.10 Released – Fixes Crash Issues – Bill Mullins Weblog – Tech Thoughts

Good support is always a good thing, even with Malware – The Spyware Biz Blog

How to Remove Virus Shield 2009 –

Google fixes severe Chrome security hole | Webware – CNet – AskBillFirst

The Best Free Antivirus? – Carputers News and Computer Tips

How to Optimize USB Drives – SnakeBytes

Introducing – awesome software updates –

System management akin to DameWare and Hyena: Purgos 3.0.249 – Confessions of a Freeware Junkie

Microsoft Wireless Laser 8000 Mouse Review – Crazy World of G

A simple way to keep you out from internet addiction – Piyadas World

Office 2010 Screenshots Preview What’s to Come – Lifehacker

Free SUPERAntiSpyware Pro Giveaway – Evilfantasy’s Blog

PHORM – Invading Your Privacy – Free PC Security

VDownloader – download and convert YouTube videos – Great Free Software Utilities


Beware! Telephone Bill Rip-Off…


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13 thoughts on “Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#8)

Add yours

    1. Arafat,

      I enjoyed that article because “I am addicted as well…”. The social sites, as you have pointed out is consuming people’s time to the point that in a sense they are making us “unsociable”… Keep up your great work…



    1. Rarst,

      I can tell you put a great deal of time into “AppNews”… Really, I think “AppNews” will be a hit… I know it will be with me… I will also plug “AppNews” into my blogroll to help draw some attention!



      1. Thanks. 🙂 It is fairly well received so far and got over 300 subscribers (RSS and Twitter combined) in two days.

        By the way if you want to provide software updates to your readers you can embed Appnews as RSS in sidebar – links on items are directly to software.

        PS I am in “shameless promotion” mode 🙂


    1. Item content looks bit messy that way, I think displaying titles/links (as I do at my blog) is enough. 🙂

      Thank you very much! I hope it will be as useful to your readers as it is to mine.


  1. Rarst,

    Thanks for your input… I did as you suggested. I am also writing a small review to bring “” to my reader’s attention.



  2. Rarst,

    Good work. I visit over 200 site daily to satisfy me and provide my reader a good article on the base of my surfing. I know there are several good alternatives of AppNews. However you must think though there is but people still creating free file hosting that why we able to get So keep up your good work. When I start all criticize me for my bad English but, yet with that bad English I archive 2400+ unique visitor/day in just 5 month. So good idea always needs hard work to improve its quality and a good promotion will make it complete.

    Thank you


    1. Thank you. 🙂 I know that there are plenty of ways to get software updates online.

      Yet there are none with backing of three excellent (still shameless promotion mode) blogs and created exactly for their readership (and people with similar interests).

      PS your blog is telling me I am banned. Get some sense in your antispam setup and I am sure you will add even more to that impressive daily visitor count. 🙂


  3. Rarst

    Are you using dynamic IP? I ban some ip due to spamming on my forum. There are some IP from where I get over 5000 thread within 25-30 days. They are really my headaches. I don’t know why people do this. They always post some medicine related post. Anyway if you are a static IP user then mail me your IP on piyadasworld[a]

    Thank you


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