A cloud based weather app with a social appeal…

This time of year at my location, the weather is normally in the low to mid 70’s and very pleasant; however, the past 2-(two) weeks we have experienced conditions from unseasonably hot weather (above 90 degrees) to very rainy weather. During unusual weather changes, such as this, I have come to rely on internet based weather services to monitor the conditions for severe weather. I have always had a fascination with computer software applications that have the ability to provide weather stats (and alerts) and give that feeling that you have your very own weather station.


iMap Weather

A recent search for new weather applications on the internet led me to a FREE “cloud based” application called iMapWeather. This application is a Flash based application integrated with Google Maps API that uses radar; and reportedly some of the most sophisticated forecasting available. This weather application is the first I have experienced where weather information and user-generated (social) media features are wrapped in the same package. For example; after setting up an account with iMapWeather, you can share photos, videos, posts and events with other iMapWeather users.

[ click for screenshot ]


This app features enhanced mapping, with a realtime doppler radar data overlay, that is precisely localized down to the latitude and longitude with roadmap, satellite and terrain views. You can also zoom in (to house and street level) and zoom out (for a broader view); AND, go full screen to precisely track current conditions.  You can toggle “on and off”, the radar, current conditions, global lightning, and buoy ship data.

[ click for screenshot ]

iMap Screenshot

Other facts about iMapWeather:

  • iMapWeather’s “Hurricane” tab gives users the ability to track tropical systems, follow their projected paths and view footage and commentary from bystanders who are witnessing a storm’s development.
  • With iMapWeather’s “Winter” tab, users can get snow and ice reports and fInd out current conditions at ski resorts across the United States.
  • iMapWeather’s ClickCast® provides weather information from all over the world in real time. Click on any location, from Paris to Beijing, for current weather conditions and forecasts.
  • Users can share content via e-mail from a computer or mobile device.
  • Social media content is displayed on an algorithm that includes newness, popularity (views) and ranking.
  • iMap Weather is in beta and you are required to sign-up for an account to take full advantage of the social media features.



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4 thoughts on “A cloud based weather app with a social appeal…

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  1. I have a family member who happens to live on the edge of “Tornado Alley”, and during certain times of the year, he becomes quite a report/radar/map watcher.

    I will make sure he read this. Thanks.


    1. Brian (aka: Tenacious B),

      Keep up the great work on iMapWeather… I am sure I will be following up with additional reviews in the future…




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