RichCopy – A file copy utility on steroids…

File copying is a basic “must learn” Windows’ operation that is essential to the management of files on your computer. The file copy operation in Windows allows you to copy files from one location to another location; however, it becomes severely hampered in the event you have to copy a large number of files; OR files that are very large in size. In those scenarios the file copy operation is slow, and if it interrupted, data loss can occur and/or the file copy operation completely terminates (which means you have to start over).


If you are someone like myself, where copying large numbers of files or large batches of files is a regular event, then you need to take a look at RichCopy. RichCopy is a free file copy utility that was developed by Ken Tamaru of Microsoft, beginning in 2001 and has been updated on a regular basis since. It is specifically geared toward file copy operations between storage devices (directly or indirectly). I have researched software (especially freeware and open source) for years and somehow this utility did not cross my plate.

[ click to enlarge screenshot ]


The primary feature, to me, that stands out about RichCopy is its’ multithreading copying abilities. What this means is that many files can be copied in parallel. This feature reduces the total time to complete the file copy operation noticeably (compared to the basic Windows file copy operation). Another standout feature is that you can pause the file copy operation at any point and resume the operation when desired without having to start completely over.

RichCopy also, in essence, could be utilized as a fast backup utility. The program has a “compare source and destination” component that permits you to filter out how you want the copy job to perform (see “file copy” options screenshot below).

[ click to enlarge screenshot ]

RichCopy - Options

RichCopy is an excellent utility to have available to accelerate the copy performance of large files and large batches of files. The download source for RichCopy is  [ HERE ] in the midst of a TechNet – Utility Spotlight Article. The download link is located at the top of the article and is labelled  [ HoffmanUtilitySpotlight2009_04.exe (5,896 KB) ]


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5 thoughts on “RichCopy – A file copy utility on steroids…

Add yours

  1. Dangit Rick! How do you do it?

    … I thought I was slick ‘cuz I had read about robocopyGUI there…

    This is going to come in handy in my “real job” (support tech) and that’s a fact. I Thank you.


  2. Ha! You got me.

    I think it is “totally kewl fersher” that Microsoft makes these sorts of things available.. even if not officially sanctioned (aka “supported”).

    I’m beginning to think MS might have one or two smart people working for ’em..!


  3. how is it compared to teracopy? i’ve been using teracopy for the past 6 months and it is definitely faster than the windows copy.


    1. Hello G,

      Thanks for pointing me to Teracopy… I just downloaded the “portable” beta version. Will definitely be trying this out… You should do a review on it.

      Really can’t give you a comparison snapshot at this time, but what fascinates me about RichCopy is that it is a Microsoft product. I think you will find that RichCopy has varied options, similar to what you would find in backup software; plus it was geared toward copying files across a network.




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