Prism – Bringing Cloud Apps To Your Desktop

I recently posted an article which provided (3)-three options available, geared toward cloud apps, that will allow you to split web applications out of the browser. The article “Turn your cloud apps into desktop apps with SSB” explored the emerging technology of site specific browsers which allows you take an online site (or cloud app) and convert it into a desktop application. The advantage to this is that when the cloud app is launched, it will open into a full screen window minus all of the distractions of a typical browser and will run in its’ own separate process. One of the options that I presented was called “Prism” by Mozilla Labs (the Firefox people).


Work is now starting to progress with Prism, after what I saw was very little activity. First sign of activity was the Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop [click here] (which is Prism based); the second sign of activity is an actual Prism web site  [click here] ; and the third sign of activity is the beta release of Prism (V1.0 b1) [click here] .

There are numerous web based apps being developed daily, and what we are seeing is next generation computing.  I have been using Prism for approximately 3 months to launch my favorite cloud apps in their own separate processes or applications. Prism can be run either as a Firefox extension or you can download the Prism software. I preferred the actual Prism software download so that I could see how Prism performed at the PC level. If you are someone who is into cloud computing, you definitely need to give Prism a try.

How does Prism Work?

What you are seeing below is the “Prism” software application which is very easy to use. Enter the desired URL of your cloud app (or web site), give it a name, check “off” the location where you want Prism create the shortcut (e.g. Desktop, Start Menu, Quick Launch Bar), click “OK” and you are done…  Prism does all of the work for you and even extracts an icon from the cloud app site to identify the cloud app shortcut.  If you want to get rid of the cloud app that Prism installed, you simply delete the shortcut.


How To Video

3 thoughts on “Prism – Bringing Cloud Apps To Your Desktop

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  1. Thanks for helping us “keep up to speed” on this subject.

    While some folks might look at this as “what? There’s another new program out? Yawn!”, (I mean, that happens everyday) what it really is, is our future being born before our eyes.

    Seems to me, anyway.


  2. TechPaul,

    I truly believe we are going to see more and more of this type of software. What I like about Prism is that it is using the Firefox engine… Good stuff!



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