FREE Cloud Based Unit Converter


If you need a quick (and attractive) way to determine conversion factors between different units of measurement for the same quantity (e.g. 1 Mile = 5280 Feet; 90 Fahrenheit = 32.222 Celsius), then visit Converticious.

Coverticious is an attractive cloud application that you can launch and use, simply by visiting the website (no software to install).  Another great example of using software as a service across the internet.



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8 thoughts on “FREE Cloud Based Unit Converter

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  1. Thanks for this Rick.

    In Canada we have used the metric system, for all measurements, for 25+ years now. Despite that, people of my generation, and even younger, I might add, still like to think in Imperial measurements.

    So, when the weatherman tells me we are going to have 5 millimeters of rain, I have to convert to inches to figure out what that means. Or if someone is 1 M 45 tall, I have to convert to feet and inches.

    This site will help immeasurably; pun intended of course!


  2. Bill,

    Actually this was a very “non-complex” post on my part, but it is simple things like this that the “everyday” computer user finds useful.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.



  3. Hi, i’m the webmaster of Converticious, thanks for your great article.I’m happy to read comments about it.
    I made this website to simplify use of units.
    Have a great day.


    1. Laurent,

      You are quite welcome… I really like your website and have used several times already…

      Thanks for the comment and visiting.



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